Ranked: 20 Most Hated Football Clubs In England

6. Liverpool

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Liverpool were once a force to reckon with. They are again now and have claimed their first domestic title in 30 years. In between, they have rarely been competitive.

When Steven Gerrard’s slip resulted in losing the title in 2014, as opposed to feeling frustrated about the Reds, the response from most rival fans was to ignore their heads off. Why the overflowing of fun at others’ expense? Who knows precisely, yet any reasonable person would agree with the case of Liverpool winning the title may raise more questions as though Liverpool is one of the most hated football clubs in the world.

5. MK Dons

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With the gall of a tribute band claiming to be the original, MK Dons controversially seized Wimbledon’s history and league position. How fitting that this synthetic club moved to Milton Keynes, a new town where concrete cows were once erected to create atmosphere.

MK Dons won over some neutrals by being relegated in 2006 and handing the trophies back to AFC Wimbledon in 2007, but they’re still reviled. After all, such a move was merely an admission that MK Dons knew they weren’t really a continuation of the original Wimbledon all along.

4. Millwall

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Founded as Millwall Rovers in 1885, the club has retained its name despite having last played in the Millwall area of the Isle of Dogs in 1910. Millwall’s supporters have often been associated with hooliganism, with numerous films having been made fictionalising their notoriety. The fans are renowned for their terrace chant “No one likes us, we don’t care”.

Millwall have a long-standing rivalry with West Ham United. The local derby between the two sides has been contested almost a hundred times since 1899. The club also shares a rivalry with Leeds United and contest the South London derby with local rivals Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic.

The obvious explanation is that Millwall supporters have a rap sheet as long as Al Capone’s. The offences to be taken into consideration include major riots at home (vs Birmingham in 2002 and Ipswich in 1978) and away (against Luton in 1985, QPR in 1966, plus West Ham in 1906 and 2009), ambushing officials outside the ground, breaking a visiting goalkeeper’s jaw after he tried to stop them chucking missiles, and lobbing a dummy hand grenade onto the pitch.

As long ago as the 1930s, directors tried to improve the club’s image, with uniformed pageboys acting as commissionaires at the ground. Nothing’s really worked.

3. Leeds United

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Another team famed for its dirtiness, the great shame about this Leeds side is that they were supremely talented, and should have been remembered as one of the best teams of the 1970s in Britain.

The second league title for Don Revie’s Leeds reminded many how much they had despised ‘Super Leeds’. They were, George Best said, a shin-kicking “bloody nightmare”. The club’s famous family spirit was, Brian Clough snapped, more mafia than Mothercare.

Then there were the allegations of bribery – from Leeds keeper Gary Sprake, Wolves centre-half Frank Munro and manager Bob Stokoe. The revisionist case for Revie lauds him as a pioneer of tactics and dossiers, but he was equally innovative when it came to squad rotation (fielding second-string teams when it suited) and lofty moral lectures. Fair or not, the ‘Dirty Leeds’ tag has stuck.

2. Manchester United

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While United are without a doubt despised in English circles for being so effective, there are numerous different reasons why they are so hated. Above all else, they have regularly been described as a fortunate side, while their fans would state they have mind-blowing character.

That is because of the high number of late goals they netted particularly during the 1990s. At the point when Alex Ferguson won his first trophy in 1993, this primarily happened after centre back Steve Bruce netted two stoppage-time goals to transform a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 win against Sheffield Wednesday.

At that point, obviously, there was the 1999 Champions League last against Bayern Munich when United were defeated all the way yet netted two goals in injury-time again to win the title. Many United fans are frequently named glory hunters, they just like the club since they are successful. All these contribute to the hatred directed at them.

1. Chelsea

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In a survey conducted in 2019, Chelsea were voted the most disliked club in English Premier League. Many of the Chelsea fans would say that they’re only hated because the football world is jealous of their money and skill—and it could be true. Some people argue that the club bought their success from the investment of Roman Abramovich, which led them to become one of the most dominant teams in Europe.

Arsenal would have a clear dislike of Chelsea as they are fierce rivals for trophies. Their fans are notable for having an overwhelming hooligan factor and have as of late been blamed for racism.

The solid connections with the unlikeable Jose Mourinho who is not with the club anymore, however, Chelsea are the main team that rings a bell when you consider Mourinho and totally abominable footballers like Didier Drogba, Diego Costa and John Terry who have considered the club their home in recent campaigns, and it turns out to be clear why no one truly enjoys Chelsea outside of their home.

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