Ranking All 20 Premier League Stadiums from Worst to Best

Stadiums are a sanctified place for football fans. The importance of a stadium for a fan is inexplicable, it’s like a home for a supporter. Being arguably the best league in the world, the Premier League has some of the finest stadiums in the world too. Old Trafford, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Emirates Stadium, and many more such Premier League arenas have the most electrifying atmosphere and the utmost aesthetic beauty.

However, in the current inapt situation due to the pandemic, there are unfortunately no noisy fanatics at Anfield, no packed out Stretford End at Manchester United. However, we hope the circumstances change soon and everything gets back to normal so that fans in the stadiums can rumble again. Today we are going to rank the Premier League stadiums from worst to best not only according to the atmosphere or the beauty but also keeping in mind the location, facilities, food, view, security, etc.

These stadiums are ranked according to the fan ratings on various websites such as footballgroundmap, the92.net, TripAdvisor etc. Here are the 20 Premier League stadiums from worst to best.

20) Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace)

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Situated in Whitehorse Lane, London, Selhurst Park is the home of Crystal Palace. The stadium is renowned for its atmosphere. The home support Crystal Palace gets is quite astounding. The Holmesdale Fanatics fan group of the Glaziers always create a great spectacle in the stands and the fans being so close to the field adds to the spectacle. The Eagles’ home has got a capacity of 25,486 people. The maximum attendance recorded in Selhurst Park was 51,482. The stadium has got good value for money overall.

19) Turf Moor (Burnley)

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Turf Moor has been the home ground of Burnley F.C. since 1883. It is the second-longest continuously used ground in English professional football with an official capacity of 21,944. The ground also has a significant number of seats for the away fans. The stadium has an edge of the atmosphere over its other aspects. According to fans visiting there, the stadium has also got a good stewarding service. It is a difficult stadium to visit for the Premier League teams. Burnley’s home ground has an average attendance of 20,000 in the Premier League in a town of approximately 73,000 residents.

18) London Stadium (West Ham)

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With a whooping capacity of 60,000, West Ham’s stadium is among the big grounds of the Premier League. It was basically constructed for the 2012 Olympics but in 2016 it was officially deemed as the home for the Hammers. West Ham doesn’t quite get the atmosphere they used to get in their previous stadium Boleyn Ground due to various factors but with the passage of time, they’ll get there. It is a beautiful big stadium with a good location and facilities.

17) Bramall Lane (Sheffield United)

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Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England the stadium is also known as the Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane. It is the oldest major stadium in the world which is still hosting professional football matches since 1889. It is a unique old-school stadium and the renovations made sure it keeps up with modern standards. Blades’ home has got an excellent atmosphere and according to surveys, it’s got a nice location, good foods and drinks and other such facilities.

16) The Hawthorns (West Bromwich Albion Football Club)

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The 26,688-seater stadium has been hosting football for over a century. The maximum attendance it has ever seen is 64,815 in 1937 vs Arsenal. It is a rather small stadium with stands close to the area of play so that the fans can easily join in the action and be the backbone of the team as they very usually are. The Baggies generate an electric atmosphere in The Hawthorns. The stadium has a nice view and good VFM.

15) Goodison Park (Everton F.C.)

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Only 0.9 miles away from Anfield, the Merseyside football ground has been the home stadium of Premier League club Everton FC since its completion in 1892. it has an all-seated capacity of 39,414. The ground has seen a jaw-dropping maximum attendance of 78,299 people in the Merseyside derby against Liverpool in September 1948. Along with having good security, Goodison Park has got good stewarding service. The Toffees’ home ground has hosted more top-flight games than any other stadium in England.

14) Craven Cottage (Fulham F.C.)

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The 25,700 all-seater stadium has seen a record attendance of 49,335 in-game between Fulham and Millwall on 8th October 1938. The Craven Cottage stadium has a got great location at the bank of the River Thames. Location wise it is among the best stadia in the league. This stadium has a very old history being built in 1780 but previously was used for many other purposes. The Riverside stand of the stadium is currently under redevelopment.

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