Premier League Owners Ranked From Worst to Best

How a club performs in a match is dependent on the managerial tactics and how well are the players able to act on them. However, it is the owner who is responsible for the direction where the club is headed.

If the owner invests in the club, the club is surely moving upwards, maybe not instantly, but sooner than later. If he doesn’t invest, rather drains the club out, then it affects the club negatively.

In this article, we have the Premier League owners ranked from worst to best.

Considering fan votes, critics’ opinions, success and the atmosphere around the club, here are the Premier League owners ranked from worst to best.

N.A. Saudi Public Investment Fund – Newcastle United

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Newcastle has been bought by an arm of the Saudi Arabian government. The £300m deal has been funded by the country’s Public Investment Fund, which is seen as separate from the state, finally allowing the bid to go through. They are backed by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman, and are set to make massive investments in the years to come. We have not ranked them because the ownership is brand new.

19. The Glazer family – Manchester United

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Manchester United fans have never been secretive about their hate towards The Glazer Family. You can see the “Glazer Out” protests as a recurring image. The final nail in the coffin was the whole European Super League saga where the Glazer Family was the front-runner along with Florentino Perez.

18. Stan Kroenke – Arsenal

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No surprises there, considering where the club is headed. What was once an elite club is now nothing more than a mid-table club. Due to a lack of funding for the transfer window, Arsenal are unable to rebuild. When funding is made available like this transfer window, it is not utilised properly. The way things are going, it will be years before we see Arsenal qualify for the Champions League. Without a proper project, it is extremely difficult for them to maintain a top-six status.

17. David Gold and David Sullivan – West Ham

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A lying owner is not exactly the owner you need for a club that you love with all your heart. It’s amazing how there are owners worse than David Gold and David Sullivan. If it weren’t for the other owners’ role in the European Super League, these two would have been ranked 20th. The lack of confidence is evident by that one incident where the fans invaded the pitch during a match against Burnley.

16. Joe Lewis & Daniel Levy – Tottenham Hotspur

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Daniel Levy is not exactly loved by the Tottenham fans and his role in the European Super League did not help his cause. The fans also want the club to spend more money so that they could challenge for trophies. However, Spurs need a lot of signings before they could challenge the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City for the title. As a result, he is 16th in this list of Premier League owners ranked from worst to best.

15. John W. Henry – Liverpool

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John W. Henry is lucky to have survived for so long despite making too many mistakes. He is extremely lucky to have Jurgen Klopp as the manager of the team who has helped the team become one of the most formidable teams in Europe currently. Despite having a star-studded team with the likes of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Virgil Van Dijk, the team lacks the bench strength to dominate in case of any injury. Liverpool’s net spend is extremely low compared to their rivals and they haven’t made any major signings for two years.

14. Steve Parish, Josh Harris and David Blitzer – Crystal Palace

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Under the ownership of Steve Parish, Crystal Palace became a regular team in the Premier League. They have made a mark in English football, but the question still remains whether they are moving in the forward direction, backward direction, or whether they are just stagnant. To become more lethal, Palace needs to spend some money and look for a place in European competitions.

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  • September 20, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    Imagine thinking the Glaziers are even anywhere close to being as bad as Ashley…. What a terrible list!

  • March 25, 2022 at 6:36 am

    Jesus poor jernos.., about West Ham owners , move on and update your news about us.
    They have moved outta the limelight and back the manager .
    So please ……move on COYI

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