Most Valuable Premier League Players – Top 12

most valuable Premier League players

Taking into account some important factors, such as age, ability, marketability, achievements and consistency, we have made a list of most valuable Premier League players, based on monetary value. Here is our list of 12 most valuable Premier League players. Please note that we have only given the estimated value of

Greatest Indian Footballers Ever – Top 10

Greatest Indian footballers ever

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, as a result football always had to take the backseat in the country.  Once there was a golden age (1950’s and 1960’s) for the Indian football team. But due to lack of investment and proper planning, the standard of Indian football decreased. However,

Best Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time – Top 20

best Foreign Premier League Players Of All Time

Football is a glorious game. Since the game’s inception as its present form in the year 1863 in England; the 15-oz leather ball has seen lots of improvisations, rolling across in over 200 countries and mesmerizing millions witnessing the magic laid down by the masters controlling it. And being the