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Premier League Clubs Ranked According to Attendance Percentage

Premier League Clubs Ranked According to Attendance

Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. Fans around the world support their team with passion and dedication. Some of the clubs are able to fetch more crowds than others. With Corona Virus having halted the season, we have the Premier League Clubs ranked according to attendance percentage during the 2019-20 season so far.

Here are the Premier League clubs ranked according to attendance percentage upto 10 Mar 2020 –

20. Southampton [91.6%]

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The capacity of Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium is 32,364 and it has been 91.6% full so far this season. They made a very poor start to the season. However, they improved in the later stages and mustered 34 points in 29 games. They currently sit in the 14th position in the Premier League table.

19. Newcastle United [92.2%]

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Newcastle being ranked 19th in this list is a surprise, as St James’ Park is one of the stadiums known for their intense atmosphere. The average attendance so far at St James’ Park has been 48,248 which is 92.2% of the stadium’s capacity of 52,354.

18. Bournemouth [92.8%]

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Bournemouth has the smallest stadium in the Premier League with a full capacity of just 11,364. But even with small capacity, Dean Court has only been 92.8% full so far this season, with an average turnout of 10,531. They have been struggling in the league and currently sit in the 18th place.

17. Burnley [92.9%]

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Burnley are currently 10th in the league table with 39 points in 29 games. Their decent start to the season has drawn an average of 20,395 spectators this season. Turf Moor’s faithfuls expect a lot more from their club and will hope to see that in the second half of the season.

16. Sheffield Utd [94.2%]

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Sheffield Utd are currently 7th in the Premier League table after a good start to the season. They are above the likes of Arsenal and Everton. Their average attendance this season has been 30,799, which is 94.2% of the capacity of Bramall lane.

15. Tottenham [95.3%]

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Spurs are going through a mixed run of form. They currently sit 8th in the league table and are moving away from the top 4 with Jose Mourinho as their manager. Their average attendance has been 59,308. Mourinho have a big task in his hands with qualification for the UCL not looking very easy.

14. Crystal Palace [96.2%]

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Things might not be going great for Crystal Palace but that doesn’t stop the fans turning up whatever. It’s widely acknowledged that Eagles supporters are some of the best around, producing brilliant fan displays on a regular basis, and creating one of the most imposing atmospheres in the Premier League. Despite being 11th in the league, more than 25k supporters turn up on an average for every game.

13. Watford [96.3%]

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Watford are currently 17th in the league table with 27 points in 29 games. They have an average attendance of 20,839. Vicarage Road faithful will hope to see better performance from the team in the upcoming games.

12. Manchester Utd [97.1%]

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Manchester United are 5th in the league table with 45 points after the first 29 matches. The team has struggled so far and fans will hope for better performance from the team in the upcoming matches. They did manage to beat Chelsea and Manchester City but need to perform consistently in order to earn the UCL spot.

11. Chelsea [97.4%]

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Chelsea have some of the most enthusiastic fans around, with a wide following of people of every age. Whether their team has won or lost, the Chelsea fans will provide their players with unconditional support, surrounding them in a sea of blue flags and cheering them on loudly at every game. So far this season their average attendance has been 40,566.

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