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Premier League 2022-23: Clubs Ranked According To Attendance Percentage

Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. Fans around the world support their team with passion and dedication. Some of the clubs are able to fetch more crowds than others. In this article, we have the Premier League clubs ranked according to attendance percentage during the 2022-23 season.

Here are the Premier League clubs ranked according to attendance percentage during the 2022-23 season.

20. Vitality Stadium – AFC Bournemouth [91%]

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Even with the smallest stadium in the Premier League, Bournemouth’s turnout was only been 91% of their stadium’s capacity. Their average attendance during the 2022-23 season was 10,304, while the capacity of their stadium is 11,329. The club secured Premier League survival and finished the season in 15th place.

19. St Mary’s Stadium – Southampton [93.9%]

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The capacity of Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium is 32,384 and it was 93.9% full this season. The average turnout for their home games has been 30,416. They were relegated from the Premier League and will be playing Championship next season.

18. Craven Cottage – Fulham [95.1%]

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Craven Cottage’s capacity is still a doubt, as there is work going on for the redevelopment that will take the capacity to 29,600. However, we have considered the current capacity to be 25,000, as it was their highest attendance in the sold-out game against Liverpool. The average turnout this season was 23,766.

17. The City Ground – Nottingham Forest [95.8%]

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Back in the Premier League after quite a while, Nottingham Forest managed to secure Premier League survival.  The average home attendance was 29,188. Given that Forest fans are one of the best in the country, we expected this number to be a little higher.

16. Selhurst Park – Crystal Palace [96.1%]

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Irrespective of the numbers that turn up, the atmosphere of the stadium is top-notch. It’s widely acknowledged that Eagles supporters are some of the best around, producing brilliant fan displays on a regular basis, and creating one of the most imposing atmospheres in the Premier League. The average turnout this season was 25,030.

15. Elland Road – Leeds United [96.4%]

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Leeds fans are known to be one of the most passionate fans in the country. Elland Road is always an intimidating place for opponents to visit. Unfortunately, they were relegated at the end of the season. The average attendance during the season was 36,525.

14. Etihad Stadium – Manchester City [96.8%]

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Manchester City are still going strong for the treble. Having won the Premier League title, they still have their sights on FA Cup and UCL. The average attendance at the Etihad during Premier League games this season was 53,249, which is 96.8% of the stadium’s capacity of 55,017.

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