Ranking The 10 Best Stadiums In The Scottish Premiership

Stadiums are the homes of football fans. These stadiums witness the highs and lows of the football clubs and their fans. A stadium becomes even more special if it provides the fans with various facilities and great atmosphere. In this article, we have ranked the best stadiums in the Scottish Premiership, according to the votes of the fans.

Considering various factors like atmosphere, food, view, security, view  and location, here are the 10 best stadiums in the Scottish Premiership. This list is based on over thousands of votes casted by fans on footballgroundmap website.

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10. Almondvale Stadium – Livingston

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Almondvale Stadium or Tony Macaroni Arena has been the home ground of Livingston since 1995. It is an all-seater stadium with capacity of 9,512. It has four stands which are all roughly of the same height. There are open corners to the ground on either side of the West Stand, at one side of the pitch, which also has a few supporting pillars.

Away fans are located in the North Stand and the North East corner of the ground. Up to 4,000 fans can be accommodated in this area. Livingston are a family orientated club and hence you are likely to have an enjoyable and relaxing day out.

9. McDiarmid Park – St Johnstone

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McDiarmid Park has been the home ground of St Johnstone since its opening. The stadium has an all-seated capacity of 10,696. The ground was built in 1989, and replaced the former home of Muirton Park.

The ground consists of four single tiered stands, that are covered and all seated. Three of the stands are of the same height, with the Main Stand at one side of the ground, being a little taller. Overall the ground has a tidy compact feel to it.

Away fans are primarily housed in the North Stand will be allocated where up to 2,000 fans can be accommodated. The facilities and view of the playing action are good in this area.

8. Rugby Park – Kilmarnock

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Rugby Park was opened in 1899. It underwent a major redevelopment in 1994–1995, becoming an all-seater stadium with a capacity of 17,889. Both ends of the ground and one side have been re-developed. The ends are good sized two-tiered stands, which are virtually identical. Away fans are housed in the Chadwick Stand. The facilities and views from this stand are generally very good.

In November 2019, Kilmarnock became the second club in Scotland (after Celtic) to install an area of safe standing. 324 rail seats have been installed in parts of the East and Moffat Stands. This was funded entirely by supporters.

7. Victoria Park – Ross County

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Victoria Park (Global Energy Stadium) is the home ground of Ross County. It has a capacity of just over 6.5k. The stadium was renovated in 2012 to meet SPL criteria. It was transformed into a modern all seated stadium.

Away fans are primarily housed in the North Stand, at one end of the ground where just under 2,000 supporters can be accommodated. This stand is covered, all seated and the facilities good. For larger away followings then part of the West Stand can also be made available.

6. New St Mirren Park – St Mirren

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St Mirren moved to this purpose built stadium in 2009. The ‘new’ St Mirren Park, as it is known was built by Barr Construction at a cost of around £8m. The ground is comprised of four separate stands, which are also modern and functional. It is one of the best stadiums in the Scottish Premiership.

Away fans are located at one end of the stadium in the North Stand, where just over 1,600 supporters can be accommodated. As you would expect from a new stadium, the facilities and playing action are good. It is one of the best stadiums in the Scottish Premiership.


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5. Pittodrie – Aberdeen

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Pittodrie is the fourth largest stadium in the SPFL and the largest stadium in Scotland outside the Central Belt. It has a seating capacity of around 22k. It has been the home ground of Aberdeen since they were formed in 1903.

Pittodrie has been the location of a number of firsts in the field of stadium design, including the invention of the dugout. In 1978, it became one of the first all-seater stadia in the United Kingdom.

4. Easter Road – Hibernian

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Easter road is the fifth largest stadium in Scotland and has a capacity over 20k. The venue has also been used to stage international matches, Scottish League Cup semi-finals and was briefly the home ground of the Edinburgh professional rugby union team.

The ground has improved dramatically with the whole ground being re-built over the last two decades. The latest addition is the new East Stand which was opened in August 2010. This 6,500 capacity all seated stand, is single tiered and is quite steep, keeping fans close to the playing action.

3. Tynecastle – Hearts

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Tynecastle Park is the home of the Heart of Midlothian football club. It has also hosted Scotland international matches, and been used as a neutral venue for Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup semi-finals.

Tynecastle has a seating capacity of 20,099, which makes it the sixth-largest football stadium in Scotland. Hearts have played at the present site of Tynecastle since 1886.

With the opening of the new Main Stand on one side of the pitch, Tynecastle Stadium has been completely re-developed since the 1990’s. Opened in November 2017 the Main Stand is an impressive size, with a capacity of over 7,000 seats.


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2. Ibrox – Rangers

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The home of Rangers, Ibrox is the third largest football stadium in Scotland, with an all-seated capacity of 50,817. In terms of atmosphere, it is only the fouth best in Scotland.

Ibrox Stadium was mostly re-developed in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with three new stands being constructed. Only the Main Stand at one side of the pitch remains of the old Ibrox. This stand has also been refurbished and in 1994 a third tier was added to it.

Ibrox hosted the Scotland national football team when Hampden Park was redeveloped in the 1990s, and three Scottish cup finals in the same period, and has also been a concert venue.

1. Celtic Park – Celtic

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Celtic Park is one of the best stadiums in whole of UK. It is probably the one of the best stadium in Europe in terms of atmosphere. Celtic Park also tops out list of ’10 best stadiums in UK according to atmosphere’.

Celtic formed in 1887 and the first Celtic Park opened in Parkhead in 1888. The club moved to the current site in 1892. Its current capacity is over 60k. Three quarters of the ground have been re-developed over the years greatly improving the overall look. The ground is totally enclosed, with the three new sides being two tiered.

Celtic Park has been used as a venue for Scotland internationals and Cup Finals when Hampden Park was unavailable. Celtic Park hosted the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and has also been used for concerts.

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