Worst Ever Celtic FC Signings – Top 10

Worst Ever Celtic FC Signings

Celtic FC is one of the most followed club in UK. Many great players have played for the club in the past. However, the club has also made quite a few horror signings. These signings were not only bad for the club but also for the players. Let us have

10 Fastest Players In The Scottish Premiership

fastest players in the Scottish Premiership

Speed is one of the most critical attributes of a footballer. A player with a tremendous speed can always put the opposition in trouble. Even fans love to see a player beating defenders with lung-bursting acceleration. In this article, we will have a look at some of the fastest players

Ranking The 10 Best Stadiums In The Scottish Premiership

best stadiums in the Scottish Premiership

Stadiums are the homes of football fans. These stadiums witness the highs and lows of the football clubs and their fans. A stadium becomes even more special if it provides the fans with various facilities and great atmosphere. In this article, we have ranked the best stadiums in the Scottish