Celtic v Rangers : 10 Best Old Firm Derbies Ever

Biggest Football Rivalries In Britain

Celtic v Rangers is one of the biggest derbies in the world. The clubs have been battling on the pitch for Scottish football supremacy for over a century. These two Glasgow based clubs are the most successful in Scottish football, winning 105 league titles between them. Many great matches have

Ranked : 50 Biggest Football Clubs In The UK

biggest football clubs in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the biggest and most supported football clubs in the World. These football clubs have followers all around the World. In this article, we will rank the 50 biggest football clubs in the UK. These clubs will be ranked on various parameters, such

Most Loyal Fan Bases In The UK – Top 15 Clubs

most loyal fan bases in the UK

How do we define loyalty? Well in football, loyalty can be wearing the replica t-shirt and sitting in front of the televisions at home or going to the pub and discussing with people how great your team is. Even if a club has two thousand fans and they turn up

Worst Ever Celtic FC Signings – Top 10

Worst Ever Celtic FC Signings

Celtic FC is one of the most followed club in UK. Many great players have played for the club in the past. However, the club has also made quite a few horror signings. These signings were not only bad for the club but also for the players. Let us have