15 Best Dribblers In The World Right Now

One of the most entertaining aspects of the beautiful game is dribbling, but it requires great hard work and skill. Sometimes, when the opposition defenses deep, the only way to break that defense is through some individual brilliance This skill of the game almost seems magical.

Now, some players are naturally great dribblers with excellent balance and agility, some are pacy dribblers who get past defenders beating them in speed and some are extremely skillfully dribblers who use bedazzling skills they’ve practiced a lot of times.

In modern times, it has gotten a little easier or may be safer for the attackers to dribble and showcase their skill because of the new rules that ensure the safety of players against dangerous tackles. Following are some of the best dribblers in the world right now.

Here are the 15 best dribblers In the world right now.

15. Jack Grealish

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Villa fans love their Captain Jack Grealish and how can they do no not love him after the magic he performs on the field. He is an amazing player with excellent qualities, one of which is his dribbling. He doesn’t dribble with great pace but with great agility and balance. He recorded 2.5 dribbles per match last season in the Premier League, he attempted 101 dribbles and successfully completed 65. He is also among the best players in Europe’s top five leagues for the most chances created. Jack is the most fouled player in the Premier League for the past two seasons.

14. Nabil Fekir

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Nabil Fekir is a very skillful player who makes dribbling look cooler than it already is. He has been an excellent player for Real Betis last season and was among the top three dribblers in the league with the third most successful dribbles (85) in La Liga. He averaged a total of 2.6 dribbles per game and had a success rate of 66.3%. In addition to his bedazzling dribbling ability, he also has a good passing quality. Defenders have a hard time predicting his next move with the tricks he does with his feet.

13. Kylian Mbappe

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Very few players have made such a good name for themselves at such a young age. He has become a force to reckon with. His dribbling mostly comes from his deadly pace. He is good in every aspect of the game. He uses a lot of step-overs to get past his marker and then uses his pace to get in the danger area and finish the ball with his sensational finishing. He also has a great physique which helps him not to go down that easily. With his partner in attack Neymar, they are one of the most lethal attacking duos in the world. He had an average of 2.9 successful dribbles per game in last Ligue 1 campaign.

12. Jadon Sancho

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The young man from England is an amazing player with a variety of skills and extremely good dribbling ability. One of the best dribblers In the world, Sancho has the second-best successful dribble to game ratio in Bundesliga with 3 per game. At the age of just 21, he is Dortmund’s most prolific player. He is great in creating chances for his teammates and giving a lot of assists as he had second-most assists (16) in the 2019-20 Bundesliga season. But his dribbling triumphs all other aspects of his game. He dribbles using his pace, skill, body feints, good footwork, and quick feet.

11. Hatem Ben Arfa

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Hatem Ben Arfa has been an amazing player throughout his career and is still going strong at the age of 34 and proving that age is just a number and class is permanent. Some people may also call him the French Messi. He is a player who just glides past defenders with comfort. He has amazing ball control and change of pace ability. He is surely among the best dribblers in the world. Getting past 2 or 3 players from the center of the field and getting inside the penalty box is no big deal for the French.

10. Amine Harit

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Schalke did not have an excellent last season but they do have something to show for in the form of Amine Harit who has been a world-class dribbler. The Moroccan International had managed to average 3.2 successful dribbles per match in last season’s Bundesliga campaign, which is the best in the league. He also has an excellent understanding of the game. He likes to cut inside from the wing with pace and provide a dangerous-looking pass. He dribbles very efficiently using his pace, agility, and good balance and is also extremely good in one-on-one situations against the defenders.

9. Jeremie Boga

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Jeremie Boga is a natural dribbler with quick feet and an amazing pace. Defenders just keep chasing his shadows in the game. He is one of the best dribblers in Serie A, which is a very defensive league. Serie A is known for its defending and this man has averaged 3.2 successful dribbles per game last season in the league. The Ivory Coast International of French origin has made 166 dribbles with a success rate of 64% for Sassuolo last season. He also doesn’t get dispossessed off the ball very easily. He can be regarded as one of the best dribblers In the world.

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