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Premier League 2023-24: Clubs Ranked on Average Turnout Percentage

13. Etihad Stadium – Manchester City [96.7%]

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Manchester City created a new record of winning 4 Premier League titles in a row after narrowly edging out Arsenal to the title last season. And amidst claims of poor turnout, Manchester City continues to have good attendance, at least in the Premier League. Their average attendance during the 2023-24 season was 53,192.

12. Molineux – Wolves [96.8%]

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Wolves finished the league last season in 14th place on the table, after losing 4 of the last  Premier League matches.. The average attendance of the Molineux during the season was 31,037, which was 96.8% of its capacity.

11. Stamford Bridge – Chelsea [96.9%]

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After another overhaul in the summer, Chelsea were expected to do much better, but they could only finish 6th after a strong finish to the season. Their average attendance last season was 39,763576, which is 96.9 % of the stadium’s capacity of 40,853.

10. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Tottenham [97.8%]

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Spurs must be gutted to miss out on Champions League football after finishing fifth in the Premier League table. They have the second biggest stadium in the Premier League with a capacity of 62,850 and their average attendance last season was 61,459.

9. Vitality Stadium – AFC Bournemouth [97.9%]

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The club finished in a respectable position of 12th in the Premier League. Their average attendance during the 2023-24 season’s was 11,095, while the capacity of their stadium is 11,329.

8. Villa Park – Aston Villa [98.2%]

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What a turnaround it has been for Aston Villa under Unai Emery. They were near the bottom of the table when the Spaniard took over in 2022 and finished the last season with a UCL spot. Their average attendance this season has beenlast season was 41,903, which is 98.2% of the stadium’s capacity of 42,682. Vills fans are known to be one of the best in the league.

7. Old Trafford – Manchester United [98.2%]

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Manchester United finished the season in 8th place, and their hopes of European qualification depend on the outcome of the FA Cup final. Their average home game attendance was 73,531, which is the highest in the league, as their stadium has the biggest capacity in the league.

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