Premier League Clubs Ranked According To Attendance Percentage

6. Anfield – Liverpool [97.76%]

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The iconic Anfield stadium also creates an unmatchable atmosphere. The Kopites are known to be one of the most passionate fan bases in the world. Their team is currently on top of the league table and the average attendance have been 52,864.

5. Villa Park – Aston Villa [98.32%]

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After a good last season, Villa will be looking to build up on that. They are currently 8th in the league table with ten points from six games. The average attendance this season has been 41966, which is 98.32% of Villa Park.

4. Carrow Road – Norwich [98.41%]

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Norwich City are going through a torrid time, with ZERO points in the first six games. They are the 20th placed team in the league. However, the fans are still turning out in huge numbers at Carrow Road to show support to their team. The average attendance at Carrow Road this season has been 26,812.

3. Amex Stadium – Brighton [98.76%]

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Brighton have made a flying start to the season with 13 points in the first 6 matches. This has resulted in fans flooding the gates at the Amex stadium. The average attendance at the stadium so far this season has been 30,370. They are third in our list of Premier League clubs ranked according to attendance percentage.

2. King Power Stadium – Leicester City [98.87%]

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Leicester City won the FA Cup last season and fans have high hopes from them this season too. They have made a below-par start to the season with just seven points in six games. However, fans have continued showing their support to the team they love. The average attendance at the stadium has been 31,907.

1. London Stadium – West Ham United [99.8%]

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Fans of West Ham are as passionate as they come. Irrespective of the teams’ performance, the West Ham fans support their team with unfaltering enthusiasm, cheering their team on through thick and thin. They are one of the most loyal fan bases in the UK. Their average attendance this season so far has been 59,884, which is 99.8% of their stadium’s capacity. Insane numbers!

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