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Fastest Players In The Premier League History – Top 10

=3. Aaron Wan Bissaka

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Wan Bissaka is known for his ‘thunderous’ tackles and pace. He had started out as a winger before finding himself as a right-back. Wan-Bissaka’s strengths – unlike many right-backs in modern football – are in the defensive side of his game. The youngster is a nightmarish prospect for opposition wingers with his blend of pace and tackling technique.

In a Premier League game against West Ham in November of 2019, the Englishman registered his top speed of 37.59 kmph.

=3. Mason Greenwood

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18-year-old English forward Mason Greenwood made his Premier League debut with Manchester United in 2018, but it was only last season when he was given a long rope in the competition. The teenager’s stunning breakthrough has seen him emerge as one of English football’s most exciting talents, his ruthless finishing ability and almost implausible two-footedness marking him out as a potential superstar.

Greenwood, known for his blistering pace, initially started out as a winger before transitioning to a center-forward. The Manchester United forward ran at 37.59 kmph against Everton in March 2020.

=3. Trezeguet

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The 25-year-old arrived to provide pace and penetration on the flanks for Dean Smith’s newly-promoted side in 2019.  Whilst frustrating on occasion, was second to only Jack Grealish amongst the club’s leading Premier League goalscorers last season.

Trezeguet will hope to build on his debut season in English football this season after Villa retained their top-flight status last season, the winger having demonstrated he has the speed to trouble opposition defenders. He displayed his frightening pace, running at 37.59 kmph against Manchester City in July 2020.

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