10 Best Long Shot Takers In World Football

5) Radja Nainggolan

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The 32 years old veteran has spent his whole career in Italy. He is physically strong and a versatile midfielder with shooting prowess so good that he is known to be one of the best long shot takers in world football. He usually bludgeons the ball from long distances to score world-class goals. Nainggolan has not scored many goals in his career but whenever he scores, it is always a missile of a goal. His volley against Juventus in 2019 in Serie A was an empathetic strike and it was one of his best goals. He has rightfully earned the reputation of “scoring only world-class bangers”. His goal conversion from outside the 18-yard box was recorded 38.46 % which is quite splendid.

4) Zlatan Ibrahimović

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The Swedish international has played for many top tier clubs around Europe. The superconfident big man has proved his ability to fire the ball from a long-range time and time again. The veteran has scored many wonder goals throughout his long career but his well-renowned over-head kick from 30 yards against England is probably the best goal he has ever scored. Another one of his foremost goals is the goal in his MLS debut for LA Galaxy which was a brilliant volley from almost 40 yards out. There are many other examples of such audacious goals of his. He has scored 470 goals in 763 games in his career. He is liked and admired all over the world for his bold personality.

3) Kevin De Bruyne

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Kevin De Bruyne is probably the finest midfielder in the world right now. He has magic in his feet, whether it is crossing, bedazzling through balls or enchanting long-range shots. He has been the main man behind Pep Guardiola’s success in Premier League. KDB had a conversion rate of 33.33 % of the shots taken from outside the box in the previous year’s Premier League campaign. The Belgian midfielder is purely a baller and is blessed with great shooting capabilities which he puts to use both in open play and in taking free-kicks. His goal against Brazil in World Cup 2018 was a staggering strike and it helped Belgium to go on to the next round. His playing style is not only just admired by Manchester City fans but it is also well-regarded by every fan base in the world.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo

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Ah! Cristiano Ronaldo, he was expected. There is no denying his shooting prowess whether it is his right foot or weaker left foot. In addition to all the attributes he has to be called ‘the best’, he is blessed with incredible shot power. He usually tests the goalkeeper from over 20 yards. His intense hard work and strong state of mind have helped him to be so good at his shooting ability. Over his marvelous career, he has scored his fair share of free-kick goals. He mostly uses the ‘knuckle-ball’ technique in hitting those set-pieces, this idiosyncratic technique of his allows the ball to curve in any direction rather than spinning in the air. In his senior career, Cristiano Ronaldo has averaged a goal from outside of the 18-yard box every 19.2 games. He is the most prolific goal scorer world has ever witnessed.

1) Lionel Messi

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One of the very best players of all time, Lionel Andres Messi, despite having all those alluring skills of slick passing and mazy dribbling, has the trait of shooting accurately from long range. He makes football look so easy. Other than those beautiful open play goals, the Barcelona captain can also score gallantly from free kicks. His free-kick goal against Liverpool in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League 2019-20 is one of the examples of his ability to score in a dead ball situation from long distance. Messi has 70 goals from out of the box in his career more than any other player in the world. The Argentine is considered the most versatile player in the world and we should cherish his magic as much as possible.

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