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Top 20 European Clubs Ranked According To Season Ticket Prices

top 20 European clubs in order of season ticket prices

Being a football fan today can be a very expensive hobby. The majority of English top flight clubs charge their supporters an absolute fortune to come and watch their games at their stadium every week. It’s getting to the point where many fans are forced to just stay at home and watch the game on TV rather than forking out huge amounts of cash to watch their team in action. But its not the same everywhere ,prices differ from clubs to clubs and leagues to leagues. To find clubs that charge the most ,we have ranked top 20 European clubs in order of season ticket prices.

Here are the top 20 European clubs according to season ticket prices ,prices are in £.

15. Leicester City – 365

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Leicester City froze season ticket renewals for the 2017/18 season for a third consecutive year. Season Ticket renewal period was from 8 May 2017 to 3 June, 2017.

14. West Brom – 380

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Albion offered an early bird season ticket that was 5% cheaper 2016-17 campaign’s price in an effort to lure fans back to The Hawthorns. The cheapest adult season ticket for 2017/18 was £380, which is down from previous year’s £399 and equates to exactly £20 per game.

13. Watford – 403

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Watford announced an average rise of 4% for most of the 14,500 season-ticket holders at Vicarage Road next season. Although around 3,000 fans paid the same as they did in 2016/17.

12. Juventus – 407.41

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Juventus offered their cheapest season ticket for £407.41 that is less than half the price of Arsenal’s. As cheap as it may seem, it is the most expensive in Serie A.

11. Swansea City – 419

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Swansea City season froze the ticket prices for 2017-18. An adult ticket started from a cost of £419, a senior citizen pass from £279 and under-16 packages from as little as £69. Swansea once again announced another freeze on the season ticket prices for the 2018-19 campaign ,but only for those who renewed it before 31st Dec 2017.

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