Most Famous Sports Personalities In The World

Every single athlete today has some form of social media. The main social media services used by athletes are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has become an integral part of today’s athlete as it helps the athlete easily connect with fans. Athletes also use social media to help expand and grow their brand. The superstar athletes usually have the most fans and followers due to their popularity and celebrity status.

Today we will have a look at 20 Most Famous Sports Personalities In The World ,based on their social media followers.



20.Maria Sharapova(Tennis)



Maria Sharapova is a Russian female tennis player who is one of the most famous and well known tennis players. Her playing career started at the age of 14 and during her career she has won many Grand Slam titles.  She is one of 10 women to achieve a career Gland Slam and she is also an Olympic silver medalist.



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