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Early Life Struggles OF Some Famous Footballers

early life struggles of some famous footballers

Not every footballers were born with silver spoon in their mouth.There are many footballers who were born in extreme poverty but fought their way up to success.These footballers are inspiration to millions around to the world who dream of doing the same.Today we will have a look at early life struggles of some famous footballers.

There are so many footballers who struggled in their early life,but we could only include 10 in our list of ‘early life struggles of some famous footballers’.


Adriano who was once one of world football’s most brilliant strikers, before inconsistency and personal troubles brought his career to its knees.Adriano’s rise from miserable poverty is as much inspiring as incredible. Born in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and raised in Vila Cruzeiro – a notorious neighborhood that made the headlines when journalist Tim Lopes was cruelly murdered in 2002 by drug lords.

He once said, “When you’re small, you dream of having a big car. Your mother is the most important person in your life, and you dream of giving her a big house. And you see the top footballers with beautiful and glamorous women.” Only, in the subsequent years Adriano got more of such luxuries but he could never fulfill the talent he was gifted with.

9.Antonio Cassano

Born into the harsh reality of Bari Vecchia – a troubled neighborhood in the Puglian city – Cassano’s father abandoned the family before his son was old enough to even know what had happened. Life was difficult thereafter, with the boy’s mother struggling to support the family. It was in the streets that Cassano was first noticed by a Bari scout, who plucked him up, simultaneously discovering one of Italy’s greatest young talents. Cassano has since admitted that a life of crime likely awaited him had he not been found

Cassano wrote in his autobiography, “I spent the first 17 years of my life dirt-poor. Then I spent nine years living the life of a millionaire. That means I need another eight years living the way I do now and then I’ll be even.”

8.Lionel Messi

Unlike most of the footballers in this list,Messi’s early struggle was with a disease.At the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). This was a condition that stunted growth and required expensive medical treatment, including the use of the drug Human growth hormone.

Local club, River Plate were interested in signing Messi but didn’t want to pay for his medical treatment.So, at the age of 13, when Messi was offered the chance to train at soccer powerhouse FC Barcelona’s youth academy, La Masia, and have his medical bills covered by the team, Messi’s family picked up and moved across the Atlantic to make a new home in Spain.

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