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Worst Newcastle United Signings Ever – Top 10

worst Newcastle United signings ever


6. Marcelino

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With 17 appearances in 5 years Newcastle fans could have been forgiven for thinking he didn’t exist – he did though, and the £6 million centre-half who came with a high billing spent most of his time out with a sore finger. It’s almost enough to make Michael Owen look like Hercules. There is simply nothing to write about him, he turned up, lied about his finger (probably), and left.

5. Titus Bramble

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Arguably the worst defender ever to pull on a Newcastle United shirt, Bramble was a calamity at the back for Newcastle.

Bought by the legendary Sir Bobby Robson as a physically talented 19-year-old, Titus Bramble had the prowess to be a useful defender. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the talent to back it up.

Bramble spent five years on Tyneside, making countless mistakes in the process, before finally moving on to play for Wigan.

4. Alan Smith

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For a brief period, Alan Smith was seen as one of England’s most exciting talents, but in the end he wasn’t even the best player called Alan Smith in recent times. Especially considering the monstrous £60,000 a week wage he picked up over the five years he was at St. James’, that’s £15.6million by the way.

Smith played 84 games for Newcastle, he didn’t score any goals but he did effortlessly harvest bookings. He will always be remembered among the worst Newcastle United signings ever.

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One thought on “Worst Newcastle United Signings Ever – Top 10

  1. The number one worst signing – who scored a goal every three games.

    Just because you don’t like him doesn’t make him the worst signing.

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