10 Worst Leeds United Managers Ever

As of 15 June 2018, after the appointment of Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds United have had 37 full-time managers since its inception. There have also been nine caretaker managers, three of whom had previously occupied the role on a full-time basis, and one of whom has occupied the role three times. Since their exit from Premier League in 2004, they had a rough time with a lot of managerial disappointments. In this article, we will have a look at some of the worst Leeds United managers ever.

Considering the impact, win percentage, dressing room atmosphere, fans reaction, and football quality, here are the worst Leeds United managers ever.

10) Steve Evans

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He is not one of the worst ones on the list but his tenure wasn’t very much fruitful either. The Scottish was in charge of the club for 38 games out of which he won only 14, drew 12, and lost 12 maintaining a win percentage of only 36%. He was an unpopular appointment at the beginning but he kind of grew a little bit on the club, fans even ended up chanting his name at the end.

9) Allan Clarke

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Allan Clarke was the manager of Leeds United from October 1980 to June 1982 and during this time period, he managed 84 games, won 27, drew 22, and lost a staggering 35 games, and had a win percentage of only 32.14 %. The team was also relegated under his reign. His era as a manager was not as good as it was as a player with Leeds but his coaching career is better than most of the managers on this list.

8) Brian Clough

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Some might say the Clough was at the wrong place and at the wrong time while managing Leeds. Given time he might have done a little better but that didn’t happen and his tenure is recalled as a famous disaster now. He was in charge for only 44 days during which he managed 7 matches and in those games, his team only won 1, drew 3, and lost 3 matches. Until Darko Milanic’s winless six games in 2014, he had the record of being Leeds United’s least successful permanent manager.

7) Kevin Blackwell

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Kevin Blackwell was brought into the club as an assistant manager to Peter Reid and then the former English goalkeeper became temporary manager of the whites. He even managed the last game of the previous season and then he became the permanent manager after the departure of Eddie Gray. His record wasn’t as bad as his behavior was and he was sacked by Leeds for gross misconduct on the grounds of “negative comments made in the press about the club’s finances”.

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