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15 Most Passionate Fan Bases In World Football

10. Leeds United – UK

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The lilywhites of West Yorkshire are simply one of the most famous clubs in the country. They’ve experienced great success in the past and have a great fanbase.

Leeds is the largest English city with only one professional club and even during tough times their fans still come close to filling the 37,000 seat capacity at Elland Road while screaming, “We are Leeds!” Perhaps it’s the fiery northern mentality that is so deeply engrained into the psyche of every Leeds fan that makes them collectively feel they’re capable of creating an atmosphere that changes score lines. An Elland Road in full voice not only spurs Leeds United on, but it also terrifies the opposition.

9. Fenerbahce – Turkey

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Fenerbahçe SK have developed a strong following since their founding in 1907. One of the most passionate fan bases in world football, Fenerbahce fans, are so dedicated to their team that they will set fire to their own ground and riot in the city when they lose important matches.

Fenerbahçe SK’s longest-running and deepest rivalry is with their nearest major neighbours, Galatasaray SK, with matches between the two being referred to as Intercontinental derby.

8. Napoli – Italy

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With no major rivals in their city, Napoli represents all of Naples and they have traditionally been considered to be the strongest team from southern Italy. Napoli fans are known for making matches at the Stadio San Paolo an intimidating place to travel as an away supporter.

The Partenopei play at the Stadio San Paolo which has a capacity of 60,000 and have historically had great support from the local crowd. Even when Napoli were in Serie C1 in the mid-2000s, the attendance of one match still reached 51,000.

7. Newcastle United – UK

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Having some of the most dedicated fans in England behind the club, The Magpies have endured a turbulent last few years. But the Toon army are an exceptionally passionate and loyal group of supporters who pile into St James’ Park without fail, and are respected by most rival fans in England.

Newcastle don’t have a particularly global fanbase like Arsenal or Manchester United, but the local support they have is passionate and intense. Game after game, season after season, their St. James’ Park stadium is full and noisy and full-blooded, which is far more than can be said for neighbours Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

The Geordies keep singing—even after many years without winning a major trophy.

6. Club America – Mexico

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Club America are estimated to have almost half of the population of Mexico supporting them, giving them domestic support in excess of 50 million. Reports also suggest that Club America are the third most popular football club in Asia, giving them vast domestic and foreign support.

Mexico’s most successful club, America play their home games at the historic 104,000 capacity Azteca Stadium. As well as being by far the best-supported club in Mexico, they are also by far the most hated club in the country, with almost all those who do not support them harboring considerable dislike for the club.

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