Premier League Clubs Ranked On Season Ticket Prices For 2023-24

The cost of watching Premier League football is rising for most fans, stretching the budgets of tens of thousands of supporters already dealing with the UK’s cost-of-living crisis. In this article, we have the Premier League clubs ranked on Season Ticket Prices for 2023-24.

Here are the Premier League clubs ranked on season ticket prices for the 2023-24 season.

20. West Ham [£310]

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West Ham have announced a slight increase in the prices for the season ticket for 2023-24. Prices have increased from as little as 58p per game in band 6, up to £6.32 in 1966 West. The cheapest season ticket for an adult will cost £310 in Band 6, while for a season seat in the 1966 West stand, you will have to fork out £1,620.

19. Burnley [£335]

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Burnley’s season tickets have gone up in price, on average by 8%, for the first time since the 2014/15 season. The cheapest adult season Ticket is priced at £335 in the accessible corner L0. The most expensive adult season ticket will cost £500 in the North Stand Upper Centre. A great price for a team in the Premier League.

18. Sheffield United [£380.5]

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Sheffield United are back in the Premier League and still offers a very good price for the season tickets. The cheapest adult season ticket for 2023-24 at Bramall Lane costs £380.50, for a seat in the SSB Law Kop Stand. The most expensive option for adult season tickets is £490.50 for seats in the South Stand, DSM John Street & CS2 Family Corner.

17. Manchester City [£385]

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Even after an overall increase in the season ticket prices, Manchester City continues to offer one of the best value for money in the league. The least expensive season ticket at the Etihad costs £385, for a seat in the Level 3 of the South Stand. In Level 2, ’93:20 PREMIUM SEATS’ offers the most expensive season ticket options, ranging from £1355 to £1525. A pitchside adult ticket in the Family stands costs £490.

16. Brentford [£419]

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Brentford has announced that all 2023/24 Season Ticket prices will be frozen. A ticket in the ‘North Stand (Family)’ will cost only £419 for an adult. While tickets in the South Stand (Band B), East Stand (Band B), West Stand (Band B) and North Stand (Band B) will only cost £449. The most expensive season ticket is £740 for a seat in The Dugout (Band P).

15. Newcastle United [£430 – expected]

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Newcastle United are yet to announce the season ticket prices for 2023-24, but a slight increase is expected on par with the other Premier League clubs. An adult season ticket could now cost £430 in the family area, £620 in seating category three, £680 in seating category two and £840 in seating category one. They have also announced that digital ticketing will be introduced for the 23/24 season, significantly reducing the amount of paper.

14. Crystal Palace [£440]

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There has been a slight increase in the season ticket prices for the 2023-24 season. The cheapest price of £440, for a seat in the Family stand, will only be offered for renewals in phase one. During the general sale, the same ticket will cost £525. The most expensive season ticket at Selhurst Park will cost £895 for a seat in Zone 1 during the general sale.

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