Premier League Clubs Ranked On Season Ticket Prices For 2024-25

The cost of watching Premier League football is rising for most fans, stretching the budgets of tens of thousands of supporters already dealing with the UK’s cost-of-living crisis. This article shows the Premier League clubs ranked on Season Ticket Prices for 2024-25.

Here are the Premier League clubs ranked on season ticket prices for the 2024-25 season.

20. West Ham [£345]

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West Ham have announced a slight increase in the prices for the season ticket for 2024-25. Prices have increased from £310 to £345 in Band 6. For a season seat in the 1966 West stand, you must fork out £1,720, a £100 increase from last season.

19. Ipswich Town [£381]

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Ipswich Town increased their season ticket prices by almost 8 per cent, with the cheapest adult seat in the lower tier of the Sir Bobby Robson North Stand costing £28 more, going from £353 to £381 a rise of 7.93 per cent. An adult seat in the upper tier of the same stand will cost £501.

18. Leicester City [£404]

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Leicester City has decided to raise season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season by five per cent. The King Power Stadium’s lowest season ticket will now cost £404, up from £385, as a result of the rise.

17. Manchester City [£425]

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Even after an overall increase in the season ticket prices, Manchester City continues to offer one of the best value for money in the league. The least expensive season ticket at the Etihad costs £425, for a seat in Level 3 of the South Stand. In Level 2, ’93:20 PREMIUM SEATS’ offers the most expensive season ticket options, ranging from £1425 to £1600. A pitchside adult ticket in the Family stands costs £540.

16. Southampton [£479]

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The 2024–2025 season has seen an average price hike of almost 15% after six years of price freezes for most fans and an average 10 per cent reduction last year. The cheapest adult season price costs £479 for a seat in the Corner stand, while you will have to fork out £829 for a seat in the Kingsland Plus stand.

15. Brentford [£495]

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Brentford has increased the season ticket prices by 10% across all bands on average.  Tickets in the South Stand (Band B), East Stand (Band B), West Stand (Band B) and North Stand (Band B) will cost £495. The most expensive season ticket is £815 for a seat in The Dugout (Band P).

14. Wolves [£525]

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The cheapest adult season ticket prices at Molineux costs £525 in the Graham Hughes stand. While an adult season ticket in the Billy Wright  – Centre stand costs 939.

13. Crystal Palace [£545]

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Crystal Palace has frozen season ticket prices for the 2024-25 season. The cheapest adult price is £545 (outside of the Family pricing), for a seat in the Holmesdale Lower and Whitehorse Lane stand. While a ticket in the Main Stand will cost £705 for adults.

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