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10 Worst Rangers FC Signings Ever

6. Dragan Mladenovic

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A McLeish signing, Mladenovic cost Rangers around £1 million in 2004 and was expected to be the quality midfielder. Sadly for McLeish and Rangers fans he wasn’t one. Mladenovic barely lasted 6 months and offered less than nothing. Incapable of the most basic of midfield tasks, Mladenovic was sent packing after just 6 months before being released after only one horrendous season to return to Serbia never to be heard from again.

5. Filip Sebo

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Sebo is now a Scottish football icon, with his name being chanted from the stands every time a glaring opportunity is missed. It might be slightly harsh on the £1.8million Slovakian, who scored four times for the Ibrox club. He is definitely, one of the worst Rangers FC signings ever.

4. Egil Ostenstad

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Another McLeish signing during that horrible 2003 summer window, Ostenstad is generally regarded by most Rangers fans to be the worst player to pull on the blue shirt. He was so incredibly bad at anything related to being a footballer. He couldn’t win a header, score a goal, play a pass or even do anything useful. Surprisingly, he almost lasted a full season before McLeish realised his error and released him.

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