Top Division Clubs Ranked According To Their First Ever League Title

3. Sheffield United (1897-98)

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Sheffield United’s best era was a 30-year period from 1895–1925 when they were champions of England in 1897–98 and runners-up in 1896–97 and 1899–1900. They also won four FA Cups during that period. In 1897-98, they finished five points ahead of Sunderland to lift the trophy. They have not won a major trophy since 1925.

2. Aston Villa (1893-94)

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Villa have won the top division league title even times. They are one of the most successful clubs in England. The first one of the league titles came in 1894 when they finished six points ahead of second-placed Sunderland to lift the title.

Aston Villa won six of the seven league titles between 1893-1910. The last one came in the 1980-91 season. They also won the European cup in 1981-82 and also the European Super Cup in 1982.

1. Everton (1890-91)

In a historic campaign for English football, Everton were the first club to lift the League Championship trophy, at Anfield in 1891. It was the season where nets, penalty kicks and the famous trophy were introduced for the first time, coinciding with Everton’s first success.

They became only the second club to win the title, following two consecutive wins for Preston North End. Everton, Merseyside’s first club, were the first club in the district to win the league… and they did it at Anfield!

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