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Ranked : 50 Biggest Football Clubs In The UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the biggest and most supported football clubs in the World. These football clubs have followers all around the World. In this article, we will rank the 50 biggest football clubs in the UK. These clubs will be ranked on various parameters, such as legacy, fan following, brand value, social media followers, ticket sales, merchandise sales, and recent domination.

Here are the 50 biggest football clubs in the UK.

50. Hibernian
49. Hull City
48. Coventry
47. Wigan Athletic
46. Hearts
45. Millwall
44. Charlton Athletic
43. AFC Wimbledon
42. Preston
41. Huddersfield
40. QPR
39. Bournemouth
38. Cardiff City
37. Brighton & Hove Albion
36. Ipswich Town
35. Swansea City
34. Bolton Wanderers
33. Portsmouth
32. Burnley
31. Aberdeen

30. Watford

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Watford recognizes its foundation as 1881, aligned with that of its antecedent, Watford Rovers, and was established as Watford Football Club in 1898. They have never won a major trophy in their history.

29. Middlesbrough

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Middlesbrough are currently competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football. They’ve got a good fanbase and a lot of nostalgia behind them. They share rivalries with Newcastle and Sunderland, resulting in an intense derby atmosphere.

28. Norwich City

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If it wasn’t for a run of four defeats in six games at the business end of the season, Norwich City could have been the very first Premier League champions. As it was, the relegation-tipped side – with the likes of Ruel Fox, Efan Ekoku and Chris Sutton in their squad – fell to third behind Aston Villa and winners Manchester United. They’ve been a yo-yo club ever since, never finishing in the top half of the Premier League in the several years hence.

27. Birmingham City

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If you’re the club carrying the name of Britain’s second-biggest city, it behoves you to be quite good and, you know, rep the name. Rep the area. Win a sodding league title at least once in your history. Or at least the national cup competition. They haven’t. Obviously. But they’re still a big club in a big city, for all that they don’t have the silverware to show for it.

26. Fulham

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Fulham is the oldest team in London. They call the cozy, Craven Cottage home and wreck havoc on visitors. They went to the Final of the Europa League in 2010 against Atletico Madrid and lost 2-1 in extra time. Fulham won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2002 and were runners-up in the 1975 FA Cup.

25. Blackburn Rovers

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They won the Premier League. They might’ve dropped down (briefly) to League One a couple of years ago, but they won the Premier League. A handful of European trips followed in the early 2000s too, with players like Damien Duff, Tugay, good David Bentley, AND a full season of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke being reunited. That was nice.

24. Sheffield United

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Sheffield United were the first club in English football to achieve promotion from the newly formed Second Division to the First Division in 1892-93. The club was also a founder member of the Premier League in the 1992–93 season. They have won the league titles once and the FA Cup four times. They are one of the biggest football clubs in the UK.

23. Sheffield Wednesday

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Sheffield Wednesday is a sleeping giant. The definition of the phrase ‘sleeping giant’ is something or someone who holds great power but is still waiting for their big moment. Fans of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club or “Wednesdayites” as they are commonly known around Sheffield are some of the most passionate, loyal supporters in the country.

22. Derby County

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Derby are a club for two distinct generations of English football fans – those who remember their successes in the 70s; the First Division titles, the European Cup semi-final and such, and those who remember Mart Poom, Deon Burton, Dean Sturridge and the rest of the squad from the turn of the century. Unfortunately, the only season they’ve spent in the Premier League since 2002 was the worst season any club has ever had in the decision. Still, they are one of the biggest football clubs in the UK.

21. Stoke City

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Once famed as the club of Sir Stanley Matthews, Stoke are currently battling in the English Championship. Their first, and only major trophy to date, the League Cup was won in 1972, when the team beat Chelsea 2–1. The club’s nickname is ‘The Potters’, named after the pottery industry in Stoke-on-Trent and their traditional home kit is a red and white vertically striped shirt, white shorts and stockings.

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2 thoughts on “Ranked : 50 Biggest Football Clubs In The UK

  • Gordon Cooper

    Birmingham City by the very NAME on their shirt, represents MORE, than ANY other Football Club in the UK. They have the Badge of – “Birmingham” – on their shirt (the Second biggest City in the UK) – NO club has the Badge of London, on their shirt (they are ALL districts of London) Example’s – Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham – so although they have not done much in resent years (except for beating Arsenal at Wembley to win the 2012 EFL Cup) there is NO way, that “anyone” can dispute what I have said. (FACT)

  • Larry Longballs

    …. ha ha ha … not really done much in 145 yrs is a little closer to the truth …. and it was 2011 (and that is a FACT)

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