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Ranked : 50 Biggest Football Clubs In The UK

10. Newcastle United

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Newcastle United has some of the best fans in the country. Their stadium St. James’ park is always buzzing on a matchday. Newcastle has won 4 League titles, 6 FA Cups, and a Charity Shield, as well as the 1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup, the ninth highest total of trophies won by an English club.

9. Aston Villa

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The most successful club in the Midlands, European champions, have spent the best part of 90% of their Football League life in the top flight. Apart from the European cup, they have also won the Football League First Division seven times, the FA Cup seven times, and the League Cup five times. Villa Park has hosted more than 55 FA Cup semi-finals, a record.

8. Everton

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Only three clubs have won more English league titles than Everton. The Toffees have 13 FA Cup final appearances – also topped by just the three clubs. Their trophy cabinet is absolutely inarguable, and they’ve got one of the very best fanbases in the country. They’ve not added silverware in a little while, but have spent all of that time being one of just six Premier League ever-presents.

7. Tottenham Hotspur

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Only two titles to their name, but Tottenham’s new stadium demonstrates a club looking to the future, not the past. They’ve only spent one of the last 70 seasons outside of the top flight. Tottenham Hotspur has been staggeringly consistent (and sometimes straight-up brilliant) for the best part of three-quarters of a century.

6. Celtic

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The Celtic football club is the best-supported football club in the UK. They have one of the most passionate fans in the world. Celtic were also the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967. Celtic are one of few clubs in the world to have won over 100 trophies in their history. The club has won the Scottish league championship 51 times, most recently in 2019-20, the Scottish Cup 40 times and the Scottish League Cup 20 times.

5. Manchester City

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Manchester City has been the most successful English team in domestic competitions over the last decade. They are the reigning Premier League champions. Under the management of Pep Guardiola, they won the Premier League in 2018, becoming the only Premier League team to attain 100 points in a single season. They have won three of the last four Premier League titles. City have now become the standard by which other teams’ qualities are judged. That’s a big deal.

4. Arsenal

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The only Premier League club to go a full season unbeaten. Since then, they have fallen off a cliff, steadily moving down the league table, and without a league title in 17 years. Arsenal have won 13 League titles, a record 14 FA Cups among a host of other trophies. They have a good fanbase too.

3. Chelsea

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Chelsea is definitely the most successful London club over the past couple of decades and among the most successful English clubs. They have been league champions six times and won over thirty competitive honours – including eight European trophies. The Blues are very much a modern giant, bankrolled by Roman Abramovich’s billions. They are one of the biggest football clubs in the UK.

2. Liverpool

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Liverpool is one of the most passionately followed football clubs in the world. The club’s home ground Anfield is known for its great atmosphere. The club has won six European Cups, nineteen League titles, seven FA Cups among a list of other honours. The song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, is the club’s anthem and has been sung by the Anfield crowd since the early 1960s. The fans are iconic. The club is iconic. There’s nobody like Liverpool.

1. Manchester United

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Manchester United is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. They have won more trophies than any other English club, including a record 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups and 3 Champions League trophies. Some of the football greatest superstars have played for the club, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, etc. United aren’t just the biggest club in Britain, they – alongside Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona – have a claim to be the biggest football club in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Ranked : 50 Biggest Football Clubs In The UK

  • Gordon Cooper

    Birmingham City by the very NAME on their shirt, represents MORE, than ANY other Football Club in the UK. They have the Badge of – “Birmingham” – on their shirt (the Second biggest City in the UK) – NO club has the Badge of London, on their shirt (they are ALL districts of London) Example’s – Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham – so although they have not done much in resent years (except for beating Arsenal at Wembley to win the 2012 EFL Cup) there is NO way, that “anyone” can dispute what I have said. (FACT)

  • Larry Longballs

    …. ha ha ha … not really done much in 145 yrs is a little closer to the truth …. and it was 2011 (and that is a FACT)

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