Most Passionate Football Fan Bases In UK – Top 10

United Kingdom has some of the biggest and most followed football clubs in the world. Millions of supporters have pledged their loyalty to these clubs. Let us have a look at some of the most passionate football fan bases in UK.

Here are the top 10 most passionate football fan bases in UK –

10. Manchester City

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Etihad Stadium may not have the best atmosphere in England but Manchester City do in fact have some great supporters, a majority of whom have been supporting the club for years. There’s little denying that success brings new fans , but the majority of City’s local fan-base , have witnessed a pre-Sheikh Mansour era. Their fans have historically shown tremendous support to their team.

In their first campaign at the Etihad Stadium in 2003/04, City fought relegation and finished 16th in front of an average crowd of 46,834 and when City won the Premier League under Manuel Pellegrini in 2014, they had an average crowd of 47,075 fans. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that’s an increase of just 241 supporters.

Also, when City were in League One in 1998/1999, the Blues had an average attendance of 32,547 – a record that remains untouched. Manchester City fans are quite the loyal group of supporters.

9. Norwich City

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Carrow Road has long been a difficult testing ground for the top clubs and is often buoyant when an important match takes place. The likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have struggled here and failed to cope with an intimidating atmosphere.

Norwich City are a relatively big-sized football team who attract the crowds in their thousands—despite having spent a good portion of the recent past below Premier League level.

Norwich have never been a club to be amongst the trophies but they have a catchment area for fans which has precious little competition around, and the supporters regularly fill the ground to near capacity.

8. Stoke City

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Certainly the old cliche of asking whether big stars “can do it on a wet Tuesday night in Stoke” has become something of a punchline. The stadium filled with passionate fans still remains quite a challenge for the visiting teams . Out of the 30,089 fans who can fit into the Bet365 stadium, the club draws an average of 29,514 fans every match – meaning they fill up nearly 98% of their stadium every weekend.

Sir Alex Ferguson once said, of visiting their stadium: “I love the atmosphere because it makes players play. If you don’t pay attention to the atmosphere at Stoke, then it engulfs you. You must perform to get a result.”

7. Swansea City

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Swansea City fans have followed their team through thick and thin. Rescued by the fans on the brink of dropping away from the football league, it’s outrageous to witness the club’s progress over the past decade. If it wasn’t for the fans, this club wouldn’t exist at all.

Swansea City have made their fans proud. Although they have experienced a mixture of encouraging highs and disappointing lows, their fans have always remained loyal to them.

6. Arsenal

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While United may be the most popular club in the world, Arsenal boasts some of the most passionate fans in the world. Arsenal should be proud of their rock-solid attendance at home fixtures.

The boisterous nature of the Gooners has shown this season especially with fans having their opinion on every little thing the club does. The passion and genuine care about the club’s well-being from Arsenal fans is one that is hard to match and it is why they are one of the best fans in the Premier League.

5. West Ham United

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West Ham United is all about tradition and the development of youth. Although the club has seen players such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and Joe Cole move on to bigger and better things after spending time in the club’s youth ranks, local Hammers have never become disheartened with the club.

West Ham haven’t had much success recently but they have always had tremendous support from the stands, that’s something they can be proud of. Fans of West Ham are as passionate as they come, and although their games do not provide the same quality of football as some other games in the Premier League, the West Ham fans make up for it with unfaltering enthusiasm, cheering their team on through thick and thin.

4. Liverpool

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There are very few things more stirring in football across the world than hearing Liverpool supporters passionately belt out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Not only are Liverpool fans dedicated to their team, but they are also strong believers in enjoying the sport.

Games against Manchester United and Everton—whose atmospheres have been described as “suffocating” and “not for the faint of heart”— creates an unmatched atmosphere.

Though starved of success in recent years, Liverpool’s supporters have stood by their team and hope that Jurgen Klopp can bring the glory days back to the red half of Merseyside.

3. Leeds United

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The lilywhites of West Yorkshire are simply one of the most famous clubs in the country. They’ve experienced great success in the past and have a great fanbase.

Leeds is the largest English city with only one professional club and even during tough times their fans still come close to filling the 37,000 seat capacity at Elland Road while screaming, “We are Leeds!” Perhaps it’s the fiery northern mentality that is so deeply engrained into the psyche of every Leeds fan that makes them collectively feel they’re capable of creating an atmosphere that changes score lines. An Elland Road in full voice not only spurs Leeds United on, but it also terrifies the opposition.

2. Newcastle United

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Having some of the most dedicated fans in England behind the club, The Magpies have endured a turbulent last few years. But the Toon army are an exceptionally passionate and loyal group of supporters who pile into St James’ Park without fail, and are respected by most rival fans in England.

Newcastle don’t have a particularly global fanbase like Arsenal or Manchester United, but the local support they have is passionate and intense. Game after game, season after season, their St. James’ Park stadium is full and noisy and full-blooded, which is far more than can be said for neighbours Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

The Geordies keep singing—even after many years without winning a major trophy.

1. Celtic FC

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Only club in this list which is not from the Premier league, Celtic, is one of the most passionate football fan bases in UK. Celtic Park is renowned for being a pit of noise intimidating enough to throw even the game’s greatest off their game.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi once said of Celtic Park: “I’ve been fortunate to play in some great stadiums in Europe with Barcelona but none compare to Celtic. The atmosphere their fans create make it a very special European night of football.” Very little can top the big match atmosphere in Glasgow.

Barcelona legend Xavi said: “I don’t think I have seen anything like the Celtic fans in all the stadiums I have played.

“When you step out at Celtic Park, the atmosphere they create for their team is incredible. It doesn’t matter how many big games you have played in, walking out into that atmosphere is always intense.”

In 2008, Manchester United were held to a 1-1 draw at Celtic Park in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo , who starred for United in that match, said: “The Celtic fans are incredible. It is always great to play there.”

The Scottish club has plenty of history and part of that is down to the great support they receive from their fans. Celtic’s Catholic origins give the club a pretty well-defined fanbase, which is a major reason why fans are so dedicated to the club.

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