10 Players Who Played For Both Celtic And Rangers

Old Firm is one of the biggest football rivalries in the world,very few derbies can match its intensity.The hatred between the both sets of supporters for each other is outrageous.It's impossible to think that a player would switch sides between these two,however ,there are certain players who made the switch

Top 20 Premier League Goal Scorers Of All Time

Premier League goal scorers of all time

The English Premier League is the most watched football league in the world and boasts some of the world's best football players.Since its formation in 1992,the league has been highly competitive.Many legendary strikers like Thierry Henry,Alan Shearer,Sergio Aguero etc and long serving midfielders like Frank Lampard,Steven Gerrard etc have scored

10 Most Underrated Players In The Premier League History

most underrated footballers in the Premier League history

In Premier League or any football league in the world,not everyone gets the credits they deserve.With players like Sanchez,Aguero or De Gea always making the headlines and receiving plaudits from fans and pundits ,there are certain players who work tirelessly giving their all without much praise.In this article we aim