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Nottingham Forest: The Five Biggest Rivals Ranked

2. Leicester City

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In the aforementioned survey, Leicester fans voted Notting Forest as their biggest rivals, while Forest fans voted Foxes to be their second-biggest rivals. The rivalry between these two is referred to as the East Midlands derby. Nottingham Forest are seen as the Foxes’ main rivals, due to geographical location and historical league matches. Forest play their home matches at a close distance from the King Power Stadium.

One match which remains Leicester City’s worst defeat and Nottingham Forest’s record league win is the 12–0 result at the City Ground on 21 April 1909. With Forest’s promotion to the Premier League, this rivalry is all set to be reignited.

1. Derby County

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Fans of both sets of clubs consider each other as their biggest rivals. The clash between these two is also referred to as the East Midlands derby. Less than 20 miles separate Derby’s Pride Park and Nottingham Forest’s City ground along the A52 and although Forest have city rivals Notts County just a stone’s throw away across the River Trent, it’s Derby who are their biggest foe.

Since 2007, the winning team of a Derby vs Forest match has been awarded the Brian Clough Trophy, in memory of Brian Clough, who managed both clubs during his long and successful football career.

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