10 Biggest Underachieving Clubs In English Football

10. Everton

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Everton are among the most successful clubs but they still feature in this list because they last won a trophy in 1995. The club has a big fanbase, a good stadium, and more than decent administration as well. Still, the club struggles to qualify for European competitions on a regular basis. They are among the biggest underachieving clubs in English football.

9. Tottenham Hotspur

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Tottenham has arguably the best stadium in England, the most valuable player in the country in Harry Kane, and had some great managers in the recent past in the likes of Jose Mourinho, and Mauricio Pochettino. Still, they have not won a trophy since the 2008 League Cup. They don’t even qualify for the Champions League on a regular basis. They are considered one of the ‘Big 6’ clubs but have far less recent silverware to show for it.

8. Arsenal

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Arsenal won the FA Cup last year, and have won 3 FA Cup titles in the last six years. But apart from that, their performance have been quite unsatisfying. They have not won the league title since 2004 and it doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon. The current Arsenal are a shadow of their brilliant past, and given their steady decline over the years, they won’t even be classed as underachievers in a few years’ time.

7. Sunderland

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Six-time champions of England and two-time FA Cup winners – one of which was their famous 1973 underdog triumph – the Black Cats have spent 100 of their 130 years of existence in the top flight. However, in the last three years, they have spent more time in English football’s third tier in their entire history. They still have a huge fanbase and with the highest average attendance outside the Premier League, they’re one of English football’s biggest sleeping giants.

6. Birmingham City

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The club is located in the second-largest city in England and has a huge fan following. Their rivalry with Aston Villa is among the biggest football rivalries in the UK. Even after all that, the club has not played Premier League football in the last ten years. They have never won the top flight title or FA Cup as well. They achieved their highest finishing position of sixth in the First Division in the 1955–56 season.

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