10 Biggest Rivalries In Spanish Football

3. The Seville Derby- Sevilla FC vs Real Betis

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Real Betis facing Sevilla FC is always a fierce battle and is known as the Seville Derby. Most of the major city battles in Spanish football have seen one-sided battles in the past, however, that is not the case here. In the recent past, Sevilla have tasted more success than Real Betis, having won 6 UEFA Cup/Europa League titles.

However, Real Betis enjoy a bigger fanbase and higher attendance with around 10,000 more fans per game in respective stadiums watching the game live. They are undoubtedly the more passionate side and one of the most passionate fans in Spain.

2. The Madrid Derby – Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid

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Another elite Spanish rivalry is none other than the Madrid Derby where Real Madrid have asserted their dominance over their city rivals. Ever since Diego Simeone took over in 2010, the battle has been neck-to-neck and Atletico Madrid have emerged as a top-quality side in La Liga. They are currently the champions of Spain and are favourites to defend their crown.

Atletico Madrid’s rise was clearly visible as they made two Champions League finals, but sadly lost both of them to The Royal Whites in the most dramatic fashion. This is easily one of the best derbies in European football.

1. El Clásico – Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

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El Clasico is the rivalry everyone in the entire world is aware of, even the ones who do not follow football. Not only is the El Clasico the biggest rivalry in Spanish football, but also it is one of the biggest rivalries in the world of football. It is a fixture that features the biggest names in world football. It has always lived up to the hype and the best part of the rivalry is that there’s no favourite going into the game.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated football for the last decade and a half and when the two collide, it is nothing but peak football. The rivalry was made more special in the last decade with the presence of two of the biggest players of all time; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately, none of them are in La Liga now.

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