10 Worst Newcastle United Managers Ever

6) Graeme Souness

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Not every fan would consider Souness as one the worst managers, having a win percentage of 44.83% but he was wrong in a lot of things including the discipline. Even as a player he was very nasty, especially because of his rough tackles. Shortly after joining, he started showing his true colors, falling out with team players. His team did not play attractive football and lacked imagination. He also had a really poor decision-making ability especially when it came to selling and buying players.

5) Steve Bruce

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He joined the team after resigning from Sheffield Wednesday, in a controversial way because of some legal issues. His first season was not bad considering the mess the club was in. He is one of the most hated managers the club has ever had. The current Newcastle manager is the in charge of the club for more than a year now and has one of the worst win percentages (29.11%) in Newcastle’s managerial history.

4) Steve McLaren

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The English manager had an 8-game winless start as United’s coach. He had the job for only less than a year in which he managed 31 games. He won only 7 of those 31 games and lost a staggering 18 games. He had a win percentage of 22.58% at the time of his sacking in March 2016. He signed good players like Georginio Wijnaldum and Aleksandar Mitrović but could not get the best out of them. He wanted the team to play attractive football but his tactics were no good.

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