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Best Left Footed Players In The World – Top 12

Best Left Footed Players In The World

A naturally left-footed player is a rare and valuable thing in football.Their services are in high demand and any coach looking to strike a balance in their formation will plug them in at left-mid straight away. Left footed players in right midfield can cut inside and be deadly in front of the goal. When they cut inside, they will be on their stronger foot and can leave their defenders wrong footed. In this article we are going to have a look at top 12 best left footed players in the world.

Here are the 12 best left footed players in the world –

12. Angel di Maria

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The Argentine winger can destroy any attack with his dribbling and has the ability to float deadly crosses with his left foot. He can play as either a winger or attacking midfielder. He has rejuvenated himself after joining PSG in 2015.

Di María is an agile, creative and highly technical player as well as great pace, stamina and acceleration, attributes which allow him to beat players easily in one-on-one situations. He is also gifted with excellent vision, set-piece delivery, passing, and crossing ability, which allow him to function effectively as a playmaker and as an assist provider, although he is also capable of scoring goals himself.

11. Marcelo

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Brazil international Marcelo has been at Real Madrid since 2007 and has since been a starter for most of his career making over 400 appearances. Marcelo was brought in as a replacement for the legendary Roberto Carlos, and he didn’t disappoint.

He is frequently compared to Roberto Carlos, who himself said Marcelo was his heir, the world’s best left back and that “Marcelo possesses a better technical ability than me”.

10. Jordi Alba

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For Messi’s natural game, Alba is instrumental. The quick forward runs that he makes really gives Messi the ball he needs to charge forward. The reason he features in this list isbecause of the edge that he has over other defenders regarding the attack.

Alba’s quick, witty moves and counterattack is a terrifying prospect for the defenders. He is technically brilliant, has great touches, range of passing, and a great nullifier of the opposition movements, attacks. He has the ability to intercept passes just at the right time.

9. James Rodriguez

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Although naturally left-footed, James has shown ambidexterity in his dribbling and style of play. He is very good even while taking long shots. His goal scoring abilities were a highlight of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He is also an accurate free kick taker, and a goal threat from anywhere on the pitch.

8. Leroy Sane

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Leroy Sane is one of the fastest players in the Premier League, if not the fastest. His ability to zoom past defenders makes it really difficult to defend against him. His shooting ability along with his dribbling, makes him one of the biggest rising stars in the world.

Playing under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City has improved his game a lot. If he can keep improving like this, he will most certainly be the next big thing in football. He is undoubtedly one of the best left footed players in the world.

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