EFL Championship 2023-24: Ranking The Stadiums On Atmosphere

16. Vicarage Road – Watford

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Vicarage Road is an all-seater stadium with a capacity of 22,200. Not known for its loud chants and great atmosphere, the stadium is a traditional ground which has been modernized.

15. St Andrew’s – Birmingham City

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St Andrew’s has been the home ground of Birmingham City Football Club for more than a century since 1906. It has a capacity of over 29,000. The matches against the other clubs of the Midlands create a great atmosphere. The stands, adorned in royal blue and white, radiate with the energy of the dedicated Blues fans, whose unwavering support creates an electric ambience on matchdays.

14. bet365 Stadium (The Britannia Stadium) – Stoke City

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The previously called Britannia Stadium is the home of Stoke City since the stadium’s inception in 1997. The ground now has a great capacity of 30,089 after its renovations in 2017. The ground has a reputation for having a good atmosphere and other services provided by the stadium management are also up to the mark.

13. The John Smith’s Stadium – Huddersfield Town

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Kirklees Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium and has been the home of Huddersfield Town since 1994. The atmosphere is better than many other stadiums in the Championship. They sometimes use a band and a drummer to produce a dramatic atmosphere during the games.

12. The Den – Millwall

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The Den is the home of Millwall and has a capacity of 20,146. Millwall fans are known for their passion towards their team and it can be seen at The Den. The stadium’s history dates back to 1993, and it has since become an iconic symbol of the club’s undying spirit.

11. Hillsborough Stadium – Sheffield Wednesday

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Hillsborough, the historic home of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, exudes an enchanting and timeless atmosphere that reflects the deep-rooted passion for football in the city of Sheffield, England. With a history dating back to its opening in 1899, the stadium stands as a symbol of footballing tradition and unwavering loyalty.

10. Ashton Gate – Bristol City

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Ashton Gate is an all-seater stadium with a capacity of 27,000. Bristol City have been playing here since 1904. The four stands are named Lansdown Stand, Dolman Stand, Atyeo Stand and South Stand. The stadium has witnessed the highs and lows of the club, making it a place of deep significance for supporters and players alike.

9. The King Power Stadium – Leicester City

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After relegation from the Premier League, Leicester will be playing in the Championship this season, it’s hard to believe they won the Premier League title just seven years ago. However, we still expect the fans to support their players with all their might. The crowd and the atmosphere give the players a feeling of connection and emotion.

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