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Most Supported Football Clubs In London – Top 10

6. Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace FC are based in Selhurst, South London and were established in 1861. The Eagles had a successful run in the early 90s and managed to secure a third-place finish in the first division as well as a FA Cup final appearance with Manchester United.

Palace have a set of loyal fans that support them even in its adverse times. The fans may hope to see them play better football as their current run in Premier League is not satisfactory at all.

This list doesn’t include non-London clubs, in order to show the support for smaller clubs. This survey was done done by land of maps and is ten years old.

5. Manchester City

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Surprisingly,Manchester City is one of the most supported football clubs in London. Based on the above mentioned survey it can be said that Manchester City also enjoys a dedicated support base across the South London, having a strong fan base in Croydon and Sutton.

City are the champions of last season. They are the 10th most followed football club across all social media platforms across the globe. Manchester City have won six first division league titles and have emerged as a force to reckon with under Guardiola. They are 6th richest football club as per the list published by Forbes in 2020.

4. Chelsea

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Chelsea is London’s most followed club as per social media data and Wikipedia views. The Blues are the only London based club which has won a European Cup aka Champions League and have seen great surge in their overall popularity in recent years.

When it comes to social media followers, they are currently; the most followed London based Football Club and has 11.3 million followers in Instagram as per Statistica.com. As per Sporting Intelligence, they also sold an impressive 900,000 replica shirts a year on average from 2011-12 to 2015-16 which is more than other London based clubs.

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