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Most Passionate EPL Fan Bases : Ranking All 20 Clubs Of 2019-20

most passionate fan bases

English Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. People across the world support different teams from this league with full passion and love. Having passionate fans inside the stadium creates an incredible atmosphere that acts as the 12th man for the team. In this article, we have all the 20 clubs ranked according to the most passionate EPL fan bases.

Here are the most passionate EPL fan bases in the Premier League –

15. Aston Villa

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It’s no longer chants of support and undying passion leaving the mouths of the thousands of claret and blue faithful on the terrace. What starts as a few understandable grumbles and moans about cheap mistakes made on the pitch turns into a growing hum of boos and venomous yells of dissatisfaction.

However, Villa is back in the Premier League and a few good games could get the supporters going.

14. Everton

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Everton’s ground Goodison Park is one of the most iconic grounds in the Premier League. It has hosted more top flight English football games than any other club. It first became the home of “The Toffees” in 1892 and is one of the world’s first purpose built stadiums.

Everton fans are not far behind their Merseyside rivals in terms of passion and dedication. Even though Everton haven’t been their best this season, fans continue to support the club with all their heart.

Goodison Park has the capacity of 39,571 and regularly pulls 39,032 passionate supporters meaning the stadium averages 98.64% attendance completion rate in the Premier League – and other domestic competitions.

13. Chelsea

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Chelsea fans are behind their team always. They are passionate and loud. The Blues are arguably one of the greatest Premier League sides of all time and Stamford Bridge knows that well. With a capacity of 41,633 seats, they have an average attendance of 41,512 ,which is around 99.71% of the total capacity. It explains a lot about their supporters.

The defending Premier League holders are one of the biggest fanbase holders in Europe. They provide their players with unconditional support, surrounding them in a sea of blue flags and cheering them on loudly at every game.

12. Manchester United

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Manchester United is the most supported football club in the world. Though the club has suffered a lot after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, there is no decline in the number of supporters turning out at the Old Trafford.
‘The Special One’ might not be that same charismatic anymore but he is still good enough to galvanise one of Europe’s biggest fan bases to pour in the week in and week out. Old Trafford is England’s largest club stadium and can host 75,643 fans at any given instant.

Manchester United have a global fan base with supporters from around the world showing their support for the club. Even when the Red Devils have suffered in a match, the fans stay loyal and cheer them on even louder, come rain or shine.

11. Leicester City

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One of the best atmosphere in English football, partly due to the cardboard clappers issued to all home fans, the noise is amazing. Winning the Premier League in 2016 and then going on to qualify for the UEFA Champions League had worked like a turbo booster in Leicester City’s incredible rise in power – both on the field and in terms of regular attendance figures.

Though they aren’t having the best of their times in the domestic league this time around, they still capable enough to attract their fans on a weekly basis. And at a really high rate, too. It’s almost impossible to get a ticket for most matches unless you are a season ticket holder or a member.

The King Power stadium can host 32,273 fans and regularly manages to bring in 31,948. That’s 98.99% of the stadium covered every match day. The Foxes never let their troop behind alone.

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  1. What a joke….Anyone who really goes to football matches would know this list is absolute tosh, Probably compiled by someone who watches games on Sky….My top 3 would be Newcastle, Villa and Wolves not one of the big clubs whose grounds are always full of tourists ticking off another ground off their bucket list.

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