WWFC : Ranking The Wolves’ 5 Biggest Rivals

Football wouldn’t be half as fun without rivalries. It would be pretty dull if everyone got on. You need some hostility to spice things up. In this article, we will be having a look at some of the biggest rivals of Wolves FC.

Considering atmosphere, fans opinion, ticket sales, social media buzz and the history between the clubs, here are the 5 biggest rivals of Wolves FC.

5. Wolves vs Coventry City

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In the 1960s and 1970s Wolverhampton Wanderers were considered the biggest local rivals of Coventry City. The teams had some classic games during that era, including the 1967 game at Highfield Road when 51,455 watched a 3–1 Coventry win, which ultimately meant the Sky Blues pipped Wolves to the Second Division title.

The two side’s have already met 65 times since the first game back in 1920 with the Sky Blues holding something of an edge with 28 victories to Wolves’ 21.

Due to the league gap, the two sides rarely meet now-a-days. The last match between them was played in 2014, which was a 1-1 draw.

4. Wolves vs Stoke City

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During the mid 1980s, this was considered as one of the bigger games for these clubs. In the recent poll, Wolves fans rated Stoke as their 4th most hated rivals. In the same poll, Stoke fans rated Wolves as the second most hated rivals after Port Vale.

This game is considered even bigger for Stoke City given the lack of ‘derby’ games for them. This game could be considered somewhat a local rivalry for bragging rights as well.

The first game between them was played on 17 Nov 1888, Wolves won the game by a single goal. So far the clubs have met 150 times, with Wolves winning 65 games compared to Stoke City’s 50.

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