Ranking The 5 Biggest Rivals Of Newcastle United

Sports won’t be the same without rivalries. Rivalries spice up the things a bit and make the games more interesting. Even in football, we get to see a lot of rivalries between the clubs. The matches between two rival clubs is full of electrifying atmosphere. In this article, we will have a look at some of the biggest rivals of Newcastle United.

Newcastle was founded in 1892 by the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. The team plays its home matches at St. James’ Park.

Newcastle have won 4 League titles, 6 FA Cups and a Charity Shield, as well as the 1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup, the ninth highest total of trophies won by an English club. The club’s most successful period was between 1904 and 1910, when they won an FA Cup and three of their League titles.

Considering the history, atmosphere, fan opinion, ticket sales, social media buzz and the excitement, here are the 5 biggest rivals of Newcastle United.

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5. Tottenham Hotspur

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These two have proven their endless rivalry on a number of occasions and given their fans some spectacular games full of unexpected twists and turns. In the past twenty years, the two teams have met countless times and their games usually end up with one of the teams winning drastically over the other.

Newcastle’s 5-0 loss to the Lilywhites in 2012 and Newcastle’s huge 7-1 victory over the Spurs in 1996 are some examples of this.

When teams are constantly embarrassing each other like this, it’s bound to heat things up eventually. So far, the clubs have played 162 games between them with Newcastle winning 59 compared to Spurs’ 70.

4. Manchester United

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Though victories against the Red Devils have been few and far between, these two clubs really do hate each other.

From Kevin Keegan’s famous “I’d love it” speech, to this season’s 3-0 victory, this rivalry has had a lot of memorable moments that will go down in league history.

All their encounters so far left us with some unforgettable moments, incredible matches and much excitement. Manchester United can definitely be regarded as one of the most hated rivals of Newcastle United. In the 169 games played between these two, Man Utd has won 87 compared to Newcastle’s 43.


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3. Liverpool

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Liverpool and Newcastle have been big rivals for a while now. The Toon Army and the Kop are widely regarded as two of the very best fanbases in world football, which just adds to what we’ve seen develop since 1992.

The two teams have been pinned against each other on multiple occasions now and every game is every football fan’s dream. However, one of the hands-down most exciting games happened in the Premier League season when Andy Carroll and Jose Enrique and had to face their previous teammates after they both fled to Liverpool in 2011.

The atmosphere was immense when Carroll was substituted off early and Enrique embarrassingly took his place between the sticks towards the end of the game after Pepe Reina was sent off for headbutting James Perch. It really was one of the feel good moments of the Premier League season.

2. Middlesbrough

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The game between Middlesbrough and Newcastle is called the The Tyne–Tees derby. Though, Middlesbrough has never really been a big enough club to bother Newcastle as much as their other local rivals, when two teams are within 45 miles of each other, there still has to be something there.

The derby had increased importance in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as the only North-East derby of the season, since at the time Newcastle United and Middlesbrough were Premier League teams and Sunderland was largely outside the top flight at the time.

These two teams have given their fans several very exciting games. The 2-2 draw was the peek of the whole 2009-10 championship season, and everybody still remembers the thrill of watching these two play against each other.

The first game between these teams was played in 1988, which Newcastle won 3-0 at St. James’ Park Stadium. So far, the clubs have met 129 times with Newcastle winning 51 times compared to Middlesbrough 40.


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1. Sunderland

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It was inevitable that the Tyne-Wear derby was going to top this list, and for good reason. These two sides have been going at it since 1883, and you can sense the history behind the rivalry and what it means to each set of fans every time they take the field.

The history of the Tyne–Wear derby is a modern-day extension of a rivalry between Sunderland and Newcastle that dates back to the English Civil War when protestations over advantages that merchants in Royalist Newcastle had over their Wearside counterparts led to Sunderland becoming a Parliamentarian stronghold.

Sunderland and Newcastle again found themselves on opposite sides during the Jacobite risings, with Newcastle in support of the Hanoverians with the German King George, and Sunderland siding with the Scottish Stuarts.

It gets intense whenever these clubs meet, and sometimes it even gets violent, but ultimately, this rivalry is one of the greatest spectacles in world football.

The first meeting of the two sides took place in 1883, with the first competitive fixture being an 1888 FA Cup tie, which Sunderland won 2–0. To date, both sides have won on 53 occasions while sharing 50 draws.

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