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Footballers Who Went To Jail – Top 10

footballers who went to jail

With football being the most popular sport in the world,millions of people look up to footballers as their role model.Footballers can often be provided demigod status by the fans and it is with great responsibility that they must handle it.However there are superstars who could not handle their fame and put themselves in trouble.Today we will have a look at such footballers who went to jail.Some footballers were jailed for drink driving,some of them for fighting,there were many different reasons too.However their fate was similar,a cell in the jail.

Here is the list of 10 footballers who went to jail –

10.Joey Barton

The ex-Manchester City midfielder has shocked for the world for some of his deep thinking philosophical tweets on social media. But it wasn’t to be his social ways that landed Barton behind bars.

He has been convicted on few occasions of violence. In the first instance he was charged for driving at a pedestrian, whilst the second was on the grounds of assault. He had no choice but to serve 77 days in jail.

Barton was also given a suspended sentence by his previous employers Manchester City for four months after attacking his teammate Ousame Dobo.

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