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15 Best Dribblers In The Premier League

8. Jack Grealish

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The Villan talisman is one of the very best dribblers in the league and he is also a very complete player overall. Unlike many dribblers, Jack doesn’t have a great pace but he has good balance, composure, and agility. He recorded 3.9 dribbles per match last season, he attempted 101 dribbles and had a success rate of 64.3%.

Aside from the dribbling stats, if we look at the stats about the most fouled player on the field, Jack Grealish was fouled an average of 4.2 times per match, which is the most by any player in the Premier League last season. He also averaged 4.6 fouls per game in the 2019-20 season becoming the most fouled player in the league for two consecutive seasons.

7. André-Frank Zambo Anguissa

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The Cameroonian footballer has the third-best successful dribbles per game ratio with 2.7. His total attempted dribbles per game were 4. He also has the third most successful dribbles overall with 96 out of the total 143 attempted. Anguissa was arguably the best player for Fulham last season, doing a pretty good job on the pitch for the club, intimidating the opposition players with his skills, but still couldn’t avoid relegation.

The Fulham midfielder surprised the fans this season with some exciting performances and by producing magical moments on the field. He was also very consistent during the whole season. Few of the top teams in Europe are looking to sign the starlet.

6. Christian Pulisic

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The American is making a mark in the Premier League after joining Chelsea in 2019. He also became the first American man to win the Champions League recently. He displayed great attacking form in the last season. In his first season with the Blues, he had a better season with respect to dribbling stats than the last one, with 4.2 dribbles per game in 2019-20 and 4 per game in 2020-21.

Christian Pulisic drew more fouls in this year’s UCL quarter-final against Porto than anyone has in the Champions League since 2011, breaking Leo Messi’s decade-old record. Pulisic had 108 attempted dribbles in the last season’s PL campaign.

5. Sadio Mane

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Another player who loves to dribble and is used to leaving defenders behind him, lying on the floor. The attacker has been improving a lot since moving from Southampton to Liverpool in 2016. The hard-working Senegal Winger runs at defenders with great pace from the left flank. He also has good finishing and some dazzling skills up his sleeves but his pace helps him the most.

Mane also has a very good decision-making ability. He had 4.1 dribbles per match in last season’s Premier League campaign. The total number of his attempted dribbles last season was 144 and he had a success rate of 57%.

4. Pedro Neto

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The Wolves’ number 7 ranks 6th in the Premier League for the most number of attempted dribbles with 129 dribbles. Out of the total 129 attempted, he successfully completed 64 and had 2.1 successful dribbles recorded per game last season. His overall dribbling rate per game was 4.2 dribblers per match.

He is one of the most creative players in the Premiership. The Portuguese enjoys the ball at his feet and very seldom gets dispossessed. With his other partner in attack, Adama Traore, Wolves have a dangerous-looking offense which is very difficult for the opposition to handle. The duo is one of the most lethal duos in Europe especially with respect to dribbling.

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