Greatest Borussia Dortmund Players Ever | Top 10 BVB Legends

Borussia Dortmund was founded in 1909 by eighteen football players from Dortmund. They are very famous for having one of the most passionate fan bases in football. Their Stadium Signal Iduna Park is the biggest stadium in Germany. Many great players have played for this club. In this article, let us have a look some of the greatest Borussia Dortmund players ever.

Based on various factors like longevity, consistency, skills and the impact they had on the club, here are the 10 greatest Borussia Dortmund players ever in this ‘BVB legends list’.

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10. Jurgen Kohler [1995-2002]

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Apps – 243

Regarded as one of the greatest Borussia Dortmund players of all time, Kohler was a physically strong centre-back, who was famed for his defensive perception, anticipation, quick reactions, marking, and prowess in the air, which also made him a goal threat during set-pieces. He was also known for his composure when in possession and his ability to play the ball out of defence.

He even successfully marked and stopped some of the world’s greatest strikers such as van Basten, Lineker, and Maradona. Kohler played for Dortmund for seven years, leading the team won two Bundesliga titles and one Champions League trophy.

9. Marco Reus [2012-Present]

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When Reus penetrates the penalty area at high speed, the leather football is seemingly glued to his boot. Speed and excellent technique combine with his ability to sniff out a goal

Already regarded among BVB legends, Reus was born in Dortmund and grew up there and played for local team Post und Telekom SV Dortmund, as well as for the Borussia Dortmund youth team. Reaching the final of the German football championship in 2006 as an under 17, the slight 16 year old made it to the squad but not the first eleven. After this, he took a different path.

The attacker played in the Under-19 Bundesliga with Rot Weiss Ahlen and made the first team in the 2007/08 season – from the regional leagues via League 3 to the second Bundesliga. There, he made it as a regular and essential player. In summer 2009, Reus moved to Borussia Mönchengladbach, where he saw “the best opportunity” to “make long term developments”.

In summer 2012, Dortmund’s Sporting Director Michael Zorc skilfully saw how to use Reus’ deep-rootedness in Dortmund to get the German international back. During the transfer window, he pitted himself against Europe’s top clubs, who were also after the skilful player with a distinct knack for scoring.

8. Lars Ricken [1993-2007]

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Ricken represented Borussia Dortmund during his entire professional career, which spanned 15 years, being the youngest player to ever appear for the club in an official match, a record later broken by Nuri Şahin.

He won 3 Bundesliga titles and 1 Champions League with the club. He undoubtedly deserves a place in this list of greatest Borussia Dortmund players ever.

7. Alfred Niepieklo [1951-1960]

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[2nd one in the pic]


This German midfielder scored a staggering 124 goals in 200 apps for the club making him one of the greatest Borussia Dortmund players of all time. He is among the club’s all time top 10 goalscorers.

He sadly passed away in 2014.

6. Mathias Sammer [1993-1999]

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Matthias Sammer is one of the Bundesliga’s best player of all time. This player also became the only Dortmund player ever to win a Ballon d’Or award. Sammer won the award in 1996, a year in which he led Dortmund to be a Bundesliga champions and helped German national team win the Euro 1996.

Throughout his career, Sammer was known as a tough, strong, and determined libero. He is also one of the highest scoring defenders in the world of football.


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5. Manfred Burgsmuller [1976-1983]


Manfred Burgsmuller is a retired footballer who mostly played as a midfielder during his time at  Borussia Dortmund,before  joining Dortmund he used to play as a striker.

He scored 158 goals in just 251 games during his time with the club.

4. Roman Weidenfeller [2002-2018]

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A modern day BVB legend, Roman Weidenfeller is a player who was trusted to be the number one goalkeeper of Dortmund since 2003 to 2018, replacing Jens Lehmann who was transferred to Arsenal. Weidenfeller appeared in over 400 official matches with Borussia Dortmund.

During his period at this club, Weidenfeller won two league titles and one DFB Pokal trophy. Not only known for his goalkeeping ability, Weidenfeller also has very good leadership skills so that he was given a position as the vice captain of Dortmund. He left the club in 2018.

3. Alfred Preisster [1946-1950][1951-1959]


Alfred Preissler is a former German striker who is also Borussia Dortmund’s top scorer of all time, with a total of 174 goals. He played for Dortmund for 12 seasons and led the club to become German champions two years in a row in 1956 and 1957.


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2. Stefan Reuter [1992-2004]

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With Borussia, Reuter won the Bundesliga in 1994–95, 1995–96 and 2001–02, and the UEFA Champions League in 1996–97. The team also reached the final of the UEFA Cup in both 1993 and 2002. Overall, he played 410 games for Dortmund before retiring in 2004.

Reuter also had a vital role in helping Germany win the 1990 World Cup and Euro 1996. During his best time, Reuter was known as one of the fastest central defenders in the world.

1. Michael Zorc [1981-1998]

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Zorc was nicknamed “Susi” in his early days because of his long hair, he spent his entire career with Borussia Dortmund. Subsequently, he went on to serve as the club’s sporting director.

With a total of 561 appearances, Michael Zorc holds the record as the player with the highest numbers of appearances for Borussia Dortmund. The German midfielder played for Dortmund for 17 years, from 1981 to 1998. He is known as a player who often scored from penalty kicks.

With a total of 151 goals, Zorc listed as Borussia Dortmund’s second top scorer of all time. In addition to winning two German league titles, Zorc also won the Champions League in the 1996-97 season.

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