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Top Player Rivalries Of All Time

The football world has seen many tug of wars take place between members of two rival sides.player rivalries have been a part of football since years,supporters passion and media helps to intensify the rivalry.Current example of such player rivalry is the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo.Today we will have a look at such player rivalries.

Here is our ‘ Top Player Rivalries Of All Time ‘.


These two were the one of the finest players of their generation.And people were looking forward for their meeting on a football pitch.The time did come,the year was 1974. The scene was the FIFA World Cup final.

Despite the Dutch coming out strong with an early goal, the Germans would eventually win the final 2-1.And, it was great to see the respect both these players had for each other and it was also unusual to witness such admirable attitude.

Beckenbauer once said that ‘Cruyff was the better player, but I won the World Cup’.


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