Ranking The 2022-23 Premier League Managers From Worst To Best

5. Antonio Conte (Tottenham)

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Under Antonio Conte, Spurs have managed to become a more organized team and much more effective, to an extent that they are once again challenging for the top 4 finish in the league. Spurs have managed to score more goals than any other team except for their rivals; Arsenal and obviously Manchester City. Spurs are currently 4th in the league and they are likely to finish in the top 4 once again.

4. Marco Silva (Fulham)

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Surprise, surprise, Marco Silva is here! But it really isn’t, given how the season has fared for his team so far. They have played neck-to-neck with anyone that has come in their way, they have played entertaining football, and their legend, Aleksandar Mitrovic has been aesthetically pleasing and whatnot. However, much like every other mid-table team, Fulham too lost their way as the season progressed and are now 9th in the table.

3. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)

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As expected, Pep Guardiola makes it to the top three and his job has become easier with Erling Haaland at his service. They are the only club that enters as the favourites in every competition they participate in. It looked like a one-legged season this time as well, however, Arsenal have made the job more difficult for Manchester City this time. Going into the World Cup, Arsenal are 5 points ahead and City will be looking to take their throne as soon as possible.

2. Mikel Arteta (Arsenal)

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Mikel Arteta has to be placed higher on the list given how sublime his team has looked. It’s not easy to be on the top of the table when you have a team like Manchester City in the league, but Arsenal have managed to hold the #1 spot in the league and for how long? Only time will tell. But one thing seems to be certain, Arsenal’s return to the Champions League if they do not choke mid-way into the season.

1. Eddie Howe

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Eddie Howe has been exceptional throughout the season and has used the players to their full potential. Sure, the investment from the new owners has helped the team massively, but it is of no use if the manager isn’t able to use them to their full potential. Newcastle have defeated Spurs and Chelsea this season and drew against Manchester City and Manchester United. Newcastle United are undefeated in the last 10 games, the longest unbeaten streak in the 2022-23 season so far. They might just play in the UEFA Champions League if they manage to keep up the good form.

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