Premier League Owners Ranked From Worst to Best

13. Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

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Although the club has seen economic stability ever since Gino Pozzo took over the ownership of the club, they haven’t seen significant success in top-flight football. The Hornets invest in talented players instead of big names which don’t always work, as evident by their relegation in the 2019 season. However, with changes in the management, they are now back in the Premier League and would be looking to avoid relegation this time around.

12. Gao Jisheng – Southampton

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Southampton are a club that not only invests a decent amount of money into their team but also back their managers and players. Most of the owners would sack the manager who loses 9-0, however, Gao Jisheng did not sack Ralph Hassenhuttl for losing by such a huge margin twice. Letting go of Danny Ings was a rather questionable decision considering how he was their main goal scorer. This results in him being ranked at 12th in this list of Premier League owners ranked from worst to best.

11. Michael Wynn-Jones and Delia Smith – Norwich City FC

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Norwich City FC’s owners described themselves as the caretakers of the club. The Canaries sustain themselves in the Premier League without spending a lot of money. They believe in giving chances to the youth instead of spending money on established players. Despite yo-yoing between the Championship and then the Premier League, Norwich are now back in the big time thanks to a series of savvy purchases and loyal backing to manager Daniel Farke.

10. Alan Pace – Burnley

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Alan Pace only recently took over as the new owner of Burnley FC. However, with what he has spoken so far, we could expect better things from the Burnley side. Pace promises to have a unique approach to run the football club and it will be interesting to see how things fair under his ownership. All in all, it’s quite early to judge or rate him, but in the future, we will surely get an idea of his management skills.

9. Tony Bloom – Brighton and Hove Albion

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Tony Bloom has been working well in the upliftment of Brighton and Hove Albion FC. The team is playing some aesthetic football and it takes a lot to break their defense. The only thing the team is missing are the goal scorers. If things go like this for Brighton, it won’t be long before you see them play in the UEFA Europa League.

8. Farhad Moshiri – Everton

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Farhad Moshiri is on a mission to make Everton dominate the Premier League as well as Europe. He has been bringing reinforcements to ensure that the goal of the club is reached. They have a new stadium on the way on Liverpool docks as well. Furthermore, the statement which was given by the club following the entire European Super League saga shows the passion he has for the game.

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    Imagine thinking the Glaziers are even anywhere close to being as bad as Ashley…. What a terrible list!

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