EFL Championship 2022-23: Clubs Ranked On Average Turnout Percentage

The second division of English football; the EFL Championship is home to some of the biggest and most followed clubs in England. Some of these clubs have massive fanbases which turn up week in and week out to see them play. Some of the clubs are able to fetch more crowds than others. This article has the 2022-23 Championship Clubs ranked on turnout percentage.

24. Ewood Park – Blackburn Rovers [44.4 %]

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Blackburn is having a decent season, with the club still within a reaching distance of playoff places. However, their average turnout percentage is the worst in the league, with the club only filling 44.4% percentage of seats for their home games this season. Ewood Park has a capacity of 31,367 but only 13,921 people are turning up on matchday on average.

23. DW Stadium – Wigan Athletic [47.6 %]

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Wigan’s performance this season have been dreadful, with the club currently sitting at the last place on the Championship table. The club’s average attendance have been 11,954 so far this season, which is only 47.6% of the DW Stadium’s capacity of 25,133.

22. St Andrew’s – Birmingham City [50.3 %]

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Birmingham City is one of England’s most followed clubs but their attendance has been poor. The club is near the bottom of the Championship table and this has clearly affected the turnout percentage. St Andrew’s average attendance so far has only been 14,800, which is relatively low for a stadium with a capacity of 29,409.

21. Cardiff City Stadium – Cardiff City [52.3 %]

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Cardiff are just above the relegation places and will hope to avoid the drop. Their average attendance have been 17,399, which is 52.3% of their stadium’s capacity of 33,280.

20. Select Car Leasing Stadium – Reading FC [55.0 %]

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Reading find themselves in the lower-mid of the Championship table, with a safe distance from the relegation places. Reading Football Club has a stadium with a seating capacity of 24,161. However, despite the significant size of the stadium, the average attendance at their home matches has been reported as 13,277. This means that the stadium is only being filled to just over half of its total capacity on average.

19. Coventry Building Society Arena – Coventry City [57.1 %]

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Currently, Coventry City is in 10th place on the Championship table, which is a solid position given the competitive nature of the league. The club has a capacity of 32,609, but the average attendance at home matches is reported as only 18,624. Although this represents a lower percentage of the total capacity than some other teams, it is still a respectable figure and suggests that Coventry City enjoys a dedicated and loyal fanbase.

18. Deepdale – Preston North End [64.9 %]

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Preston North End’s home ground is Deepdale, which has a seating capacity of 23,408 and the average attendance at home matches is reported as 15,180. This represents a decent percentage of the stadium’s capacity, and it suggests that the club enjoys a committed and passionate fanbase. Currently, Preston North End is in 14th place on the Championship table.

17. MKM Stadium – Hull City [66.9 %]

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Hull City are en-route to a better league finish than last season, with the club’s current league position being 13th. Hull City’s MKM Stadium has a capacity of 25,586 and its average occupancy for the season has been 66.9%, which can be considered decent.

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