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Players With The Most Premier League Hat-tricks

Players With The Most Premier League Hat-tricks

2. Alan Shearer [11 hat-tricks]

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Alan Shearer took 441 Premier League matches to score eleven hat-tricks. His hat-tricks came for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He held the record for the most hat-tricks in Premier League for long before Aguero surpassed it on Jan 12, 2020.

Shearer scored his hat-tricks against Leeds United (23 October 1993), Queens Park Rangers (26 November 1994), West Ham United (2 January 1995), Ipswich Town (28 January 1995), Coventry City (23 September 1995), Nottingham Forest (18 November 1995), West Ham United (2 December 1995), Bolton Wanderers (3 February 1996), Tottenham Hotspur (16 March 1996), Leicester City (2 February 1997) and Sheffield Wednesday (19 September 1999).

1. Sergio Aguero [12 hat-tricks]

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Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero has scored 12 hat-tricks in the Premier League, a record. He surpassed Alan Shearer’s record on 12th January 2020, when he scored three goals against Aston Villa in Manchester City’s 6-1 victory.

Aguero scored his hat-tricks against Wigan Athletic (10th September 2011), Tottenham Hotspur (18th October 2014), Queens Park Rangers (10th May 2015), Newcastle United (3rd October 2015), Chelsea ( 6th April 2016), Watford (16th September 2017), Newcastle (20th January 2018), Leicester City (10th February 2018), Huddersfield (19th August 2018), Arsenal (3rd February 2019), Chelsea (10h February 2019) and Aston Villa (12th January 2020).

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