10 Greatest Wolverhampton Wanderers Strikers Ever

6. Dennis Westcott

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English centre-forward Dennis Westcott has the record of scoring the most league goals in a single season for Wolves with 38 goals in 1946-47 season. He was a prolific goalscorer, surely one of the greatest Wolverhampton Wanderers strikers ever. He scored 124 goals for the club in just 144 matches.

Westcott scored for Wolves in the very first game he played. He scored 6 goals in 10 games of his first season at the Molineux. In the 1937/38 season, which was his second one at Wolves, he was the club’s top scorer. He once scored 4 goals against Grimsby in the FA Cup semi-final of 1939. He also scored four goals against Liverpool in the 1946-47 season. In 1948 he left the club for Blackburn Rovers.

5. Billy Hartill

The Wolverhampton born Billy Hartill is the player who has scored third-most goals in the club’s history just behind Steve Bull and John Richards. He had good goals to game ratio with 170 goals in 234 games he played for Wolves and had 16 hat-tricks, which was, at that time, a club record.

Billy helped the club win the Second Division championship in 1931-32. He had been the top scorer in the league for two seasons continuous before winning it in 31-32. Billy Hartill has a Wolves record for scoring 5 goals twice in a single match, which is still not bettered by any Wolves player. After leaving the club in 1935, he had brief spells with Everton, Liverpool and Bristol Rovers and he finally retired in 1940 after the outbreak of World War II.

4. Peter Broadbent

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Peter Broadbent was a driving force of the Wolves team, under manager Stan Cullis, which won three League titles in the space of six seasons in the 1950s. Peter was an extremely gifted player, he was superbly creative as a striker. Not only did he score goals, but also helped make a lot of them.

He had all the abilities, not a typical striker has, he had immaculate passing, excellent ball control and an outrageous body swerve, which would leave defenders unaware of where he had gone. Peter also played and won the 1960 FA Cup final. He scored 145 goals in 497 games and had 7 caps for England. He spent 14 years as a Wolverhampton player.

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