10 Greatest Sunderland Strikers Ever

Sunderland has been a familiar name for football fans since the inception of competitive club football. The club has produced many famous and talented players, which have left us with awesome moments of football and memories to be cherished throughout the history of the game. In this article, let us have a look at some of the greatest Sunderland strikers ever.

Here are the ten greatest Sunderland strikers ever, based on impact on the club, goal-scoring ratio, success, and the legacy left at the club.

10. Gary Rowell [1972-1984]

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Gary Rowell had a career that one can certainly be proud of. One of the veterans of the club of Sunderland, he scored 103 goals in 296 apps for the club. The free-scoring striker-turned was struck by a knee injury that hampered the latter part of his career, including his spells with the Canaries and the Seagulls.

9. Brian Clough [1961-964]

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We all know Brian Clough as one of the greatest football managers ever. But before that, he was a great striker and plied his trade at Sunderland as well. With Sunderland, Clough scored a total of 63 goals in 74 matches. He suffered a career-ending injury while at the club and retired at the age of 29. He is regarded as one of the greatest Sunderland strikers ever.

8. Marco Gabbiadini [1987-1991]

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Marco Gabbiadini scored an impressive 87 goals in 185 matches for the club. With the ball, he was single-minded. He was a goalscorer. He’d pick the ball up from deep and run at defenders, forcing them to back off until he had a sight of the goal. Without the ball, he’d close down, harry and hassle. Defenders were never given a moment’s peace. He was capable of scoring all sorts of goals. Inside the box, outside the box, left foot, right foot, head. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Sunderland strikers ever.

7. George Holley [1904-1919]

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Talking about the oldest eminent players of the game, George Holley definitely makes one of the names on top of the list in the case of English football. His eminence is because of his stature and timeless nature, not just because of his illustrious career in Sunderland but also because of his few glorious international caps. Before Sunderland, George also played in the Seaham clubs for quite some time. With Sunderland, he scored 155 goals in 316 appearances, which is impressive.

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