10 Greatest Aston Villa Managers Of All Time

6. Ron Atkinson

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Ron Atkinson is one of English football’s most recognisable and popular characters, having been involved in management for a quarter of a century. He was born in Liverpool in 1939, moving to Warwickshire as a child, where his football ability was recognised by Aston Villa; a club he would later manage.

He almost managed Aston Villa to the league title. He won the Football League Cup and had a win percentage of more than 43 with Aston Villa, earning him a place among the greatest Aston Villa managers of all time.

5. W.J Smith

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W. J. Smith was a secretary/committee member of Aston Villa F.C. from August 1926 to May 1934. During this time, this was the equivalent of the modern-day manager’s position.

Before 1934, the team was selected by a committee. Smith was the last person to be a Secretary. Jimmy McMullan was appointed as manager when he retired.

Smith managed 354 games and won 175 of them. Having joined Aston Villa as a 17-year-old in 1910, he remained at the club until his death in 1957. His association with Villa lasted 47 years.

4. Joe Mercer

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Joe Mercer joined Aston Villa in 1958, who were bottom of the First Division. Although he led them to the FA Cup semi-finals, Villa were relegated to Division Two.

He moulded a talented young side at Villa and his team became known as the ‘Mercer Minors’. He led Villa to victory in the inaugural League Cup in 1961 but suffered a stroke in 1964, and was then sacked by the Aston Villa board upon his recovery.

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