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Current Top 10 Teams Based on Overall Peformances

Football is not just a game, it’s a worldwide phenomenon with hundreds of millions of fans around the world. Even those who don’t follow the game that much, they would surely recognize Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and few others and know which countries they represent. Apart from their respective national teams, they also appear in football leagues and represent their respective clubs. In fact, they play more for their clubs rather than their national teams.Here is our list of 10 best football clubs in the world!

Only teams from English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga are displayed.

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10 . Juventus

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Juventus is one of the best clubs in Italy as well as in the whole of Europe.They were runners up in the last year’s Champions League.They are currently chasing their 5th consecutive domestic league title!

Tournament – Serie A

Shots PG -16.5

Discipline (Cards)- Yellow : 58 Red : 4

Possession – 55%

Pass Successful – 85.6%

Aerials Won – 14.1%

Goals Per Game-1.7

Ratings – 7.02


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9. Tottenham Hotspurs

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Spurs are a well known team from London,England.They are playing some great football this season and are fighting hard to win their first ever Premier League!

Tournament – Premier League

Shots PG -16.7

Discipline (Cards)-  Yellow -51    Red – 0

Possession – 55.0%

Pass Successful – 80.3%

Aerials Won – 14.7%

Goals Per Game-1.8

Ratings – 7.02


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8. Leicester City

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They are the most improved team of the season.From being nearly relegated last season,they have come a long way and are now looking to win their first ever league title.They are currently top of the league and have few relatively easier games ahead, compared to other top 4 sides.

Tournament – Premier League

Shots PG – 13.1

Discipline (Cards) – Yellow :40    Red : 1

Possession -43.3%

Pass Successful- 69%

Aerials Won – 18.2


Ratings – 7.04


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7. Atlectico Madrid

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Atletico Madrid are currently second in La Liga,3 points behind Barcelona (having played 1 more game) and 1 point more than Real Madrid.

Tournament –  La Liga

Shots PG – 12.6

Discipline (Cards)- Yellow : 62   Red :3

Possession – 49.6%

Pass Successful – 78.7%

Aerials Won- 16.4

Goals/Game -1.5

Ratings – 7.05


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6.  Arsenal

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Is this finally Arsenal’s year?Will they end their barren spell of league titles this year?Will they win their first title after their Invincible season in 2003-04?We have to wait till may to find out.They are currently third in League table.

Tournament – Premier League

Shots PG – 15

Discipline (Cards) – Yellow :28  Red : 3

Possession – 55.8%

Pass Successful – 84.1%

Aerials Won – 15

Goals/Game – 1.5

Ratings – 7.07


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5. Borussia Dortmund

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They are currently 2nd in Bundesliga,a massive 13 points more than 3rd placed Bayer Leverkusen,but also 8 points behind League leaders Bayern Munich.They will have to do something really inspiring to stop Bayern Munich from winning the League title once again.

Tournament – Bundesliga

Shots PG – 15.4

Discipline (Cards) – Yellow : 24   Red : 0

Possession- 60.2%

Pass Successful -83.5%

Aerials Won – 21.6

Ratings – 7.07


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4. Bayern Munich

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They are currently the table toppers in the Geraman Bundesliga and are on course to win their 4th consecutive league title.

Tournament – Bundesliga

Shots PG – 20.1

Discipline (Cards) – Yellow :   25      Red : 2

Possession- 66.7%

Pass Successful- 88.4%

Aerials Won -16.6

Ratings – 7.18


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3 .Paris Saint Germain

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They have rose like a gaint in the last few years.The heavy investment made by their owners have given a great result.They are currently among the top clubs in the world and will fight for the UCL and domestic league title.

Tournament – Ligue 1

Shots PG – 14.6

Discipline (Cards) – Yellow : 32   Red : 1

Possession – 63.6%

Pass Successful – 89.5%

Aerials won – 13.5

Ratings – 7.24


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2. Real Madrid

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One of the most expensive squad in the world.They have some of the most valuable players in the world.But they will have to perform consistently if they are to win a trophy this season.

Tournament – LA LIGA

Shots PG – 19.6

Discipline (Cards) : Yellow : 40    Red : 3

Possession : 56.6.%

Pass Successful : 87.2%

Aerials won : 10.8

Ratings : 7.26


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The attacking trio of Messi,Neymar,Suarez have given Barcelona a huge lift.They can currently dismantle any opposition in the world.They won treble last season and are on course to achieve it again.


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Tournament – LA Liga

Shots PG – 15.9

Discipline(Cards) – Yellow : 36  Red : 1

Possession -62.1%

Pass Successful – 86%

Aerials Won – 10.2

Ratings – 7.28







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