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Most Craziest Michael Owen Quotes!

Michael Owen is not the most loved of all commentators.We of course remember Michael for some amazing moments such as his goal against Argentina, being the last Englishman to win the Ballon d’Or, and that last minute goal in the Manchester Derby. we take a look at some of his funniest moments behind the microphone so far…

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1. “He’s elbowed him in the head, but there’s nothing in it for me.”

Really mate?


2. “That would have been a goal had it gone inside the post.”

Well we didn’t knew that!

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3.“To stay in the game, you have to stay in the game.”

Thanks for the info mate!


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4. “West Ham have got match winners on the bench… Nocerino, Carlton Cole.”


5.“You need people who score goals. That’s how you win games.”


6. “I don’t think there was any malicious in the foul, but it was definitely a yellow for me.”

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7.“It’s a good run but it’s a poor run, if you know what I mean?”

I don’t think even you know what you mean!

8. “What a feeling it is to be a manager and bring someone on.”

Maybe Sharing his experience of Fifa Manager game!


9.”That’s a fantastic penalty,but he will be gutted it went wide”!

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Must be a really fantastic penalty!


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10. “You have to believe your own eyes, don’t you?”

I don’t even know what to believe any more, Mikey!

11. “That’s simple as…simple”.


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12.”Footballers these days often have to use their feet”.





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