Crowned Lion to be Axed from Premier League’s logo, in addition to rebrand.

The famous symbol has been shown an exit door at the end of the premier league season. The logo will be designed without the Lion in it.



Despite having a successful image globally, they are planning an overhaul to maximise having a clean brand with no title sponsor next season.
As the Premier League will be without their Lion, the 23 years old Trophy will not be changed. The lion will be seen on their silverware as FA still consider it as a upper crest.
The Lion with a crown is all part of the Premier League rebranding.

  • Premier League, the Richest league in the world decided to solo from next season.

Though the League has a Golden name, they decided to go without any sponsorship from next season.
However the Premier League name will not be changed as per some reports but still not confirmed.

Article by: Adarsh Nim


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