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10 Biggest Football Clubs In Yorkshire

biggest football clubs in Yorkshire

Amongst the extensive list of things that make the county of Yorkshire so special, the most important is definitely football. Not only is Yorkshire home to Sheffield F.C, the FIFA certified oldest continually operating football club in the world, but several of England’s most historically successful football clubs too.

Some of the Yorkshire clubs have very passionate fan bases. But, who are the biggest club in Yorkshire? It’s a question that many football fans have been asking for many years. In this article, we will look into some facts and figures to try and rank the biggest football clubs in Yorkshire.

Here are the 10 biggest football clubs in Yorkshire.

5. Huddersfield Town

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Huddersfield Town was the first English team to win three successive league titles – a feat only achieved since by Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. They achieved this feat under the guidance of their manager Herbert Chapman. The Terriers also scooped the FA Cup in the same era.

Nowadays “The Terriers”, playing in traditional blue and white strip, enjoy great rivalries with nearby Leeds and Bradford City – not to mention any other Yorkshire sides they happen to come up against!

As the Yorkshire Club, Huddersfield has great community roots and has developed a reputation for having a strong Academy. Great players from the past have included Denis Law and England World Cup winner Ray Wilson.

4. Middlesbrough

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Middlesbrough is currently competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football. They’ve got a good fanbase and a lot of nostalgia behind them. This football club was formed by members of Middlesbrough Cricket Club at a meeting at the Albert Park Hotel in 1876. They were also one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992. The club’s main rivals are Sunderland and Newcastle United. There is also a rivalry with fellow Yorkshire club Leeds United.

The club’s highest league finish to date was third in the 1913–14 season and they have only spent two seasons outside of the Football League’s top two divisions. The club came close to folding in 1986 after experiencing severe financial difficulties before the club was saved by a consortium led by then board member and later chairman Steve Gibson. The club’s traditional kit is red with white detailing. The various crests throughout the club’s history, the most recent of which was adopted in May 2007, incorporate a lion rampant.

Arguably Middlesbrough’s most important success of recent times came in 2004 when a brilliant cup run was finished off by a remarkable win at Wembley to see Boro lift the League Cup for the first time.

3. Sheffield United

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Sheffield United are playing some great football in their first season back in the Premier League. They were the first club in English football to achieve promotion from the newly formed Second Division to the First Division in 1892-93. The club was also a founder member of the Premier League in the 1992–93 season. They have won the league titles once and the FA Cup four times.

The club earned their nickname, ‘The Blades’, thanks to the city’s global reputation as a leader in the steel business, and their presence – and rivalry with Sheffield Wednesday – gives a modern-day cutting edge to football life in this city that, quite literally, gave birth to club football. The Blades are widely regarded as one of the biggest football clubs in Yorkshire.

United have made the strip of red and white stripes their own, and their famous rivalry against the blue and white of their fiercest opponents is second to none in football for passion, and not a little quality too. They have been playing at the Bramall lane since their foundation in 1889.

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